Why Should I Be Governed Philosophy AS Quiz

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1. General Will is....

  • Named after William Rousseau who created the term
  • Named after William Dworkin who created the term
  • What is best for everyone
  • A will given to all in the SON
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2. Which of these does Hobbes NOT say we will fight for in the SON?

  • Money
  • Gain
  • Safety
  • Glory

3. Hume criticises Tacit Consent: True or false?

  • Neither - Hume never mentions Tacit Consent
  • True
  • False - Hobbes criticses the arguement
  • False - Hume supports the arguement

4. Rawls introduced....

  • The Social Contract Theory
  • Hypothetical consent
  • Tacit consent
  • Personal consent

5. Define: Tyranny Of The Majority

  • Where the majority dissent to the state and attempt an overthrow
  • Where the minority unfairly restrict the freedom of the majority
  • Where the majority unfairly restrict the freedom of the minority
  • Where everyone in the SON agrees upon a revolution


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