Why George is important key quotes

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"restless eyes"
always on edge
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"behind him"
leader in the relationship
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"imitated George exactly"
role model to Lennie
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"good boy"
treats him like a child
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"jus' for meanness"
does things that appear to be mean, but are better in reality
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"it ain't like that"
they have companionship which makes them different to the other ranch workers
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"Lennie don't know no rules"
foreshadows the fight
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"look after each other"
shows George cares about Lennie
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"too dumb"
George previously took advantage of Lennie due to his mental illness
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"never lifted a finger against me"
Lennie would never hurt George because he is like a father to him
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"Sacramento River"
the place where George nearly killed Lennie by getting him to jump in
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"make a stake"
have plans, hopes and dreams for the future, unlike the others
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"get 'im Lennie"
George has complete control over Lennie
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"leggo of him"
he knows Lennie's strength and has used it for their advantage, but doesn't want more trouble than necessary
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"should of knew"
things have happened before, problems only escalate
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"eyes were covered"
suggests he has been crying, understands the consequences
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"no difference"
knows that he is going to kill Lennie, so therefore giving him "hell" is a waste of time
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"he stopped"
George realises that without Lennie there will be no dream, and he will become like all the other ranch workers
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"spine and skull joined"
knows it will kill him painlessly and instantly, Lennie will die happy
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"I ain't mad. I ain't ever been mad, an' I ain't now. That's a thing I want ya to know"
George's final goodbye to Lennie. Knows he will miss him and his companionship
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Card 2


leader in the relationship


"behind him"

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role model to Lennie


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Card 4


treats him like a child


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does things that appear to be mean, but are better in reality


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