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2. Which writer was actually Welsh influenced

  • George R.R Martin
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Roald Dahl
  • C.S Lewis

3. Who wrote more Welsh Literature?

  • Children
  • Men
  • Women
  • Tortoises
  • Everyone wrote equally

4. When was Welsh Literature first recognised as a separate entity from English Literature written by Englishmen?

  • Late 20th century
  • Early 1900s
  • Late 19th century
  • It isn't
  • Dammit why can't I win
  • More stuff
  • Just to make life harder

5. What literary methods do Welsh writers prefer?

  • Fairy Tales
  • Sagas
  • Epic Power Ballads
  • Short Stories
  • Novels
  • One Line Puns


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