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Justice unfair...
'las they were flea-bitings
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Seeks to prostitute...
the honour of Vittoria Crombona
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I'll make Italian...
cut-work of their guts if I ever return
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If the buttery-hatch at court...
stood continuously open there would be nothing so passionate crouching
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She hath taught...
him in a dream
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By this wedding ring...
I'll never more lie with thee
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Excellent then...
she's dead
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O my brain's on fire...
the helmet is poisoned
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Of all deaths...
a violent death is best
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I shall perform...
this sad ensuring part
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Knaves do...
grow great by being great men's apes
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You shall find it merely...
an *** in foot-cloth
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He took the crucifix...
between his hand and broke a limb off
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We think caged birds sing...
When indeed they cry
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Trust a woman?
Never, never
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In this world there are...
degrees of evil. So in this world there are degrees of devil.
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At myself...
I will begin and end
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Dost thou imagine thou canst...
slide in blood and not be tainted with a shameful fall
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They have given o'er scrutiny...
and are fallen in admiration
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Nothing so holy but...
money will corrupt
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It doth not suit a reverend...
cardinal to play the lawyer thus
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If you be my accuser...
pray cease to be my judge
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He hath his uncle's...
villainous look already
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I have made a kind of path...
to her and mine own preferment
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Because we are poor...
shall we be vicious?
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This shall his passage to the black lake further...
The last good deed he did, he pardoned murder
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To fashion my revenge more seriously...
Let me remember my dead sister's face
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How strong...
imagination works
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Pray, sir, resolve me...
what religions best?
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What mockery...
hath death made of thee
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I'll meet they weapon...
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O my greatest sin...
lay in my blood. Now my blood pays for it
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O happy they that...
never saw the court nor ever knew great men but by report
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I have caught...
an everlasting cold
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Man may his fate...
foresee but not repent
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Princes give rewards...
with their own hands but death and punishment by the hands of others
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Compare her hair...
with a blackbird
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Sprinkled with...
arras powder
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I will not have my accusation...
clouded in strange tongue
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The names of...
many devils
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I have often heard her say she...
gave me ****
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I do beseech you...
entreat him mildly
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I will make myself author...
of your evrsed vow
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I upon a woeful widowed...
bed shall pray for you
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Alas he is not dead...
he's in a trance
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He took the crucifix...
in his hand and broke a limb off
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Hand must act to...
drown the passionate tongue
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Why till now we knew not...
the circumstance of either death
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Why, now our...
actions justified
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Woman to man is...
either a god or a wolf
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We sucked that, sister...
from women's breast
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Oh that I were...
a man
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How miserable to die...
'mongst women howling
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To marry a whore...
what could be worse?
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I would fain know...
where lies the mass of wealth
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Pray what means have you...
to keep me from the galleys
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We are engag'd to...
mischief and must on
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She knows...
some of my villainy
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Let guilty men...
remember their black deeds, do lean on crutches, made of slender reeds
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Through darkness....
diamonds spread their richest light
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the honour of Vittoria Crombona


Seeks to prostitute...

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cut-work of their guts if I ever return


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stood continuously open there would be nothing so passionate crouching


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him in a dream


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