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2. Where was the Junto most powerful?

  • Princes' Council
  • Cabinet
  • House of Lords
  • House of Commons

3. Which of these didn't support the Tories?

  • The October Club
  • Monied Interest
  • Country squires
  • Women

4. Why did party warfare intensify?

  • The exclusion crisis 1679-81, The Glorious Revolution, The Reign of William III
  • The exclusion crisis 1679-81, the Glorious Revolution, Anglo-French relations
  • The Reign of William III, Anne being a women, The Glorious Revolution
  • The Glorious Revolution, The influence of Harley, Anglo-French relations

5. Which of these groups were Whig supporters?

  • Country Squires
  • The October club
  • The Kit Kat club
  • The East India Company


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