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2. Which isn't a Whig value?

  • Constitutional to contractual monarchy
  • Tolerance to dissenters
  • Questioning the Revolution Settlement
  • 100% behind succession to Hanover

3. What was Halifax famous for?

  • Being the Queen's uncle
  • Founding the Bank of England
  • Writing the Revolution Settlement
  • Being the election organiser

4. Who where the Tory leaders at the beginning of Anne's reign?

  • Harley and Bolingbroke
  • Nottingham and Clarendon
  • Rochester and Nottingham
  • Clarendon and Harley

5. Why did party warfare intensify?

  • The exclusion crisis 1679-81, The Glorious Revolution, The Reign of William III
  • The Reign of William III, Anne being a women, The Glorious Revolution
  • The Glorious Revolution, The influence of Harley, Anglo-French relations
  • The exclusion crisis 1679-81, the Glorious Revolution, Anglo-French relations


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