What is Unemployment

A quick quiz about macroeconimc topic Unemploymen

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1. Seasonal Unemployment is most common in the...

  • The secondary sector
  • The service industry
  • The manufacturing industry
  • The tourism and leisure industry
  • The primary sector
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2. What is the consequence of a person being "frictionally unemployed"

  • Temporary unemployment
  • Falling real wages
  • Falling living standards
  • Increased crime rates

3. Cyclical Unemployment occurs when....

  • when the costs of production for a firm become to great, due falling demand
  • firms make labour redundant due to demand pull inflation
  • A cyclical fall in the price of raw materials causes firms to reduce cost by lowering labour
  • A situation which constant union strikes makes workers unemployed

4. Which of these is a solution to unemployment

  • Foreign Loans
  • None of the Above
  • Subsidies
  • All of the above
  • Reducing Indirect taxation

5. Which of these is a CONSEQUENCE of unemploymnent

  • Relocation by foreign firms
  • Lower household income
  • Uncontrolled borrowing
  • Political Instability


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