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2. At what temperature does the water have to be to trigger a Tropical Storm?

  • 29 Degrees
  • 27 Degrees
  • 37 Degrees
  • 15 Degrees
  • 22 Degrees

3. What does a large area of low pressure cause?

  • Swirling winds, strong winds and clouds
  • Global Warming
  • Swirling masses of clouds, strong wind and rain
  • A rainbow
  • Swirling masses of rain, strong clouds and wind

4. Where do they move?

  • They tend to move toward the North
  • They tend to move toward the South
  • They tend to move toward the West
  • They tend to move toward the East

5. What are some other names for Tropical Storms?

  • Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and Willy-Willies
  • Hurrycans, Cyclezones, Typhoo, and William-Wills
  • Dangerous Storm
  • Bad Storm
  • Not a good Storm


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