What were the problems of the new Weimar Government?

This quiz is for AQA AS level History students who have studied the events during 1918 in Germany.

The first few questions check your knowledge about before the new goverment was set up.

It's got light hearted obvious wrong answers purposely there to make you laugh, but also detailed right answers which will help you for revision. Also it has interesting famous people birthday facts on important dates during 1918-1923

1. Where did the Kaiser flee?

  • France
  • the Netherlands
  • Russia
  • New-York
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2. Why did the Kaiser abdicate?

  • He felt as if the German people were being disrespectful and didn't support Germany anymore
  • To get better peace terms (The allies liked democracy),the Germany Navy mutinied at Kiel because the Kaiser was blamed for the economic crisis in Germany and was not liked by German people
  • He listened to The Smiths one day and got so depressed he couldn't get out of bed
  • He to old and tired of the responsibility and he couldn't do it anymore

3. Why did they want him to abdicate?

  • They thought he hadn't achieved much in his years of ruling
  • To shift the blame from the military leaders losing the war onto the the new Government and to make Germany democratic to get better terms with Allies
  • They blamed him for losing the war, and making the German people upset
  • They didn't like his face

4. Was the Kaiser punished when he got to the Netherlands?

  • Yes, the Allies made him wear socks and sandels every Wednesday for the rest of his life
  • Yes, he was torched as a command of the Allies
  • No, The Allies wanted to punish the Kaiser for waging war, but the Queen of Holland refused to extradite him.
  • Yes, he was imprisoned for 5 years, but got let out in only 11 months
  • No, the Queen of Holland didn't have to power to extradite him

5. Why was the Weimar Constitution better than Britain's?

  • Britain's was boring
  • All men and woman over 20 could vote
  • It had a lot more handsome men in charge
  • It wasn't as detailed for complex and didn't have room for uprisings like Britain's did


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