What were the problems of the new Weimar Government?

This quiz is for AQA AS level History students who have studied the events during 1918 in Germany.

The first few questions check your knowledge about before the new goverment was set up.

It's got light hearted obvious wrong answers purposely there to make you laugh, but also detailed right answers which will help you for revision. Also it has interesting famous people birthday facts on important dates during 1918-1923

1. Why was it announced in Weimar and not the capital (Berlin)?

  • They wanted a new establishment and wanted to make a new change in the way things where run
  • They forgot what the capital was and just went to their favortive coffee shop
  • There was riots in Berlin from the Spartacus's
  • Hitler had a bomb in Berlin
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2. Why was the Weimar Constitution better than Britain's?

  • Britain's was boring
  • It wasn't as detailed for complex and didn't have room for uprisings like Britain's did
  • All men and woman over 20 could vote
  • It had a lot more handsome men in charge

3. What was different about the new system?

  • The Kaiser was no longer in charge
  • There was no Kaiser, just a president, The Chancellor and his ministers were no longer accountable directly to the Kaiser
  • You weren't allowed to buy donuts because Ebert was scared of the sprinkles
  • There was dictatorship

4. Who were the "main" two that had wanted the Kaiser to abdicate?

  • Luxemburg and Liebknecht
  • Hindenburg and Ludendorff
  • Beyonce and Jay Z
  • Otto Von Lossow and Gustav Von Kahr

5. When was the Weimar Republic announced?

  • 11th November 1918 (Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday)
  • 31st October 1918 (Willow Smith's birthday)
  • 29rd January 1919 (Oprah Winfrey's birthday)
  • 18th February 2013 - (Dr Dre & John Travolta's birthday)


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