Welsh-booking a trip/event

there will be
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You will need
bydd eisiau
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it will be
bydd yn
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there will not
fydd dim
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Faint ydy'r prys/beth ydy'r prys
is there a price?
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Ydy'r staff yn siariad Cymreag
Do the staff speak Welsh?
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Oes lifft?
is there a lift?
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Oes parcio?
is there parking?
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Oes eisiau blaendal?/Ydych chi eisiau blaendal?
Is there a deposit?
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I am writing on behalf of
rydw i'n ysgrifennu ar ran
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i want to book
hoffwn i fwcio
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my phone number is.....
rhys ffon ydy.......
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he has got a course
mae cwrs gyda fe
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I/we will need
bydd eisiau
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I have two questions
mae dau gwestiwn gyda fi
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if theres a problem
os oes problem
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bed and breakfast
gwly a brecwast
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discount for buisnesses
gostyngiad i fusnesau
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can i have?
ga i
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bydd eisiau


You will need

Card 3


bydd yn


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Card 4


fydd dim


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Card 5


is there a price?


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