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2. On September 16th 1919 what issue did Hitler publicly address?

  • The 'Jewish Question'
  • Der Sturmer
  • The lack of Germans within Germany
  • The Wall Street Crash

3. How many seats did the Nazi Party win in the election of July 22nd 1932?

  • 230
  • 85
  • 20
  • 120

4. Who was Julius Streicher

  • Head of the SS
  • The editor of Der Sturmer
  • The Minister of Propaganda
  • A Jewish lawyer

5. How did the Wall Street Crash have an impact Germany?

  • It did not have an impact at all
  • Germany had existing economic problems. When the crash occurred in 1929, The USA immediately demanded their money back, giving them only 90 days
  • It boosted the economy, rescuing it from decline


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