weight, mass and gravity and resultant force

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1. what is gravitational force?

  • the force of attraction between all mases
  • the force from the floor
  • the force that determines whether you move backwards or forwards
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2. what is your mass?

  • weight
  • weight x 2
  • height x weight
  • height

3. when all forces are balanced...

  • the object will not move
  • moves forward
  • falls down
  • floats

4. what is the mass, weight and gravity formula?

  • mass x weight
  • weight x 1.5
  • weight = mass x gravitational field strength
  • mass = weight x gravitational field strength

5. what does resultant force mean?

  • opposite direction to the direction the object is going
  • end result of newtons in a certain direction
  • the end result of a mass


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