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2. In an ECG recording, the RR interval is 0.5 seconds. What is the heart rate?

  • 120 beats/min
  • 50 beats/min
  • 30 beats/min
  • 60 beats/min

3. During contraction of heart muscle cells:

  • calcium is prevented from entering cardiac fibers that have been stimulated
  • some calcium enters the cell from the extracellular space and triggers the release of larger amounts of calcium from intracellular stores
  • the action potential is prevented from spreading from cell to cell by gap junctions
  • the action potential is initiated by voltage-gated slow calcium channels

4. Which one of the following components of an ECG represents ventricular repolarization?

  • QRS complex
  • PQ interval
  • T wave
  • P wave

5. The sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate by:

  • closing K+ channels and opening funny channels
  • opening K+ channels and closing funny channels
  • opening T-type Ca2+ channels and opening funny channels
  • closing T-type Ca2+ channels and closing K+ channels


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