Weberian Theory

Which two approaches does it relate to?
Marxist and Interactionist
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What three factors affect life chances?
Class, status and party
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What is class?
Position in the economic market place
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What is status?
Honour and prestige attached to social groups
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What is party?
Power excercised by interest groups
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Who critised it for being 'too complicated'?
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Which factor do they believe is the key determinant?
Class (Market position)
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Another critism is its 'tautological' nature, what does this mean?
Explains itself using its own arguement
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What methods does Weber favour?
Mixed Methods (comparative ananlysis and qualtative methods)
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What is comparative analysis?
Comparing societies on a large scale to find patterns
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What approach did he influence?
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What were his views on value freedom?
Values affect topic choice, but can be scientific when studying
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What three factors affect life chances?


Class, status and party

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What is class?


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What is status?


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What is party?


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