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2. Another critism is its 'tautological' nature, what does this mean?

  • Explains itself using its own arguement
  • It 'taunts' the working class
  • It overemphasises the role of women
  • It offers no solutions

3. What is party?

  • Power excercised by interest groups
  • Position in the economic market place
  • Honour and prestige attached to social groups
  • An uncomfortable social gathering

4. What methods does Weber favour?

  • Methods in the madness
  • Mixed Methods (comparative ananlysis and qualtative methods)
  • Quantative
  • Qualitative

5. Which two approaches does it relate to?

  • Postmodernism and Feminism
  • Functionalism and Neo-Marxist
  • Marxist and Interactionist
  • Feminism and Marxism


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