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GCSE ICT, Unit 3, Web software quiz!

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1. Websites need to convey an image that reflects the organization, needs to fit with other material produced by the organisation...

  • House style
  • Audience
  • Webpage
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2. Quick way of creating templates, supply the structure for the website and navigation all you have to do is add content...

  • Home page
  • Master pages/ templates
  • Site navigation

3. Used to create documents to the World Wide Web. You can use it to specify the structure and layout of web documents....

  • HTML
  • Tags
  • Master page

4. Special markers used in HTML to tell the computer what to do with the text. Needed at the start and end of the block of text where it applies...

  • Image map
  • Tag
  • URL

5. Small pictures on websites that enable users to do certain things when they click on them...

  • Web icons
  • Hotspot
  • Hyperlink


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