Web software.

GCSE ICT, Unit 3, Web software quiz!

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1. A feature of a website that allows a user to jump to another webpage to jump to part of the same webpage or to send an e-mail message.

  • Hyperlink
  • Hotspot
  • Rollover button
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2. Uniform resource locator a web address.

  • Tag
  • URL
  • HTML

3. Small pictures on websites that enable users to do certain things when they click on them...

  • Web icons
  • Hotspot
  • Hyperlink

4. Keeping a record of a webpage...

  • Web icons.
  • Bookmark
  • Anchor link.

5. Special markers used in HTML to tell the computer what to do with the text. Needed at the start and end of the block of text where it applies...

  • Tag
  • URL
  • Image map


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