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GCSE ICT, Unit 3, Web software quiz!

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1. An image/ piece of text used as a link. When you click on the image or text. You are taken to another page, or a different site. May open a new file or window....

  • Image map
  • Hotspot
  • Tag
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2. Quick way of creating templates, supply the structure for the website and navigation all you have to do is add content...

  • Home page
  • Master pages/ templates
  • Site navigation

3. Rectangular area on a website that displays advertisements...

  • Hotspot
  • Banner
  • Leaderboard

4. A feature of a website that allows a user to jump to another webpage to jump to part of the same webpage or to send an e-mail message.

  • Rollover button
  • Hyperlink
  • Hotspot

5. Links formed in various shapes...

  • Polygon links
  • Golden triangle
  • Site Navigation


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