Everything you need to know about World at Risk

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1. What strategies are used to mitigate Volcanic Eruptions?

  • Satellite imaging, Land-zone using
  • Building codes, Dams
  • Monitoring gases, Monitoring ground inflation
  • Storm shelters, Sea walls
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2. What is the UK per capita carbon emissions/year (tonnes)?

  • 89
  • 7.5
  • 24

3. What are facts about Constructive plate boundaries?

  • Effusive eruptions
  • Snow
  • Plate divergence, Rift valleys, Mid-ocean ridges
  • Subduction, rain

4. What is a national strategy to tackle climate change?

  • Carbon taxes
  • Congestion charge
  • Kyoto Protocol

5. What strategies are used to mitigate Tropical Cyclones?

  • Monitoring gases, Building codes
  • Satellite imaging, Storm shelters
  • Dams, Sea Walls
  • Monitoring ground inflation


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