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6. A way of life centred around dependence on others.

  • dependency culture
  • independency culture
  • derendipity culture
  • poverty culture

7. Working and waiting a while before getting the reward

  • deferbed gratification
  • deferred gratification
  • deferral gratification
  • immediate gratification

8. Sociological perspectives which emphasise inequalities of social groups

  • social democratic theory
  • conflict theories
  • feminist theory
  • marxist theory

9. no economic intervention or regulation by the state, except to enforce private contracts and the ownership of property

  • free chicken
  • free market
  • free country
  • free economy

10. In Marxism, the class of owners of the means of production

  • bourbonese
  • borgeonese
  • bourgeoisie
  • bourjoisee

11. an equal society without social class or conflict, where private ownership is abolished and the means of production are common property

  • marxism
  • weberianism
  • communism
  • capitalism

12. a shared agreement

  • consensus
  • playing nice
  • democracy
  • politics

13. An economic system where employers buy workers labour in return for wages, and sell the worker's product for profit

  • capitalism
  • communism
  • weberianism
  • reality

14. Living in an area of deprivation in terms of bad housing etc

  • maternal poverty
  • environmental poverty
  • housing poverty
  • external poverty

15. How one aspect of poverty can lead to further poverty building up into a cycle which is hard to escape from

  • cycle of dependency
  • deprivation cycle
  • cycle of deprivation
  • cycle of poverty

16. Who suggested the idea of the 'cycle of deprivation'?

  • Caotes and Silburn
  • Coates and Silburn
  • Coates and Silicone
  • Goates and Sideburn

17. Lacking the minimum requirements necessary to subsist (food, water, shelter)

  • fatalistic poverty
  • absolute poverty
  • absolutely poverty
  • relative poverty