Wealth, poverty and welfare key words pt 1

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1. no economic intervention or regulation by the state, except to enforce private contracts and the ownership of property

  • free country
  • free market
  • free economy
  • free chicken
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2. How one aspect of poverty can lead to further poverty building up into a cycle which is hard to escape from

  • deprivation cycle
  • cycle of poverty
  • cycle of deprivation
  • cycle of dependency

3. a failure of a social class to recognise their real interests i.e. workers not realising how unfairly they're treated

  • false class consciousness
  • social class subsconsciousness
  • correct class consciousness
  • social class consciousness

4. Who suggested the idea of the 'cycle of deprivation'?

  • Coates and Silburn
  • Caotes and Silburn
  • Goates and Sideburn
  • Coates and Silicone

5. acceptance of the belief that all events are predetermined and inevitable

  • external locus of control
  • fatalistic
  • internal locus of control
  • fetalistic


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