Wealth, poverty and welfare key words pt 1

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1. Sociological perspectives which emphasise inequalities of social groups

  • social democratic theory
  • marxist theory
  • conflict theories
  • feminist theory
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2. How one aspect of poverty can lead to further poverty building up into a cycle which is hard to escape from

  • cycle of deprivation
  • deprivation cycle
  • cycle of poverty
  • cycle of dependency

3. total income minus taxes, plus the value of state benefits

  • final income
  • disposable income
  • total income
  • gross income

4. an equal society without social class or conflict, where private ownership is abolished and the means of production are common property

  • communism
  • weberianism
  • capitalism
  • marxism

5. Total income, minus taxes

  • gross income
  • disposable income
  • final income
  • total income


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