Waves Starter

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1. What is the amplitude of a wave?

  • the horizontal length of the wave
  • How many amps the wave contains
  • The distance from the crest to the centre of the wave or the trough to the centre of the wave
  • the distance from the crest to the trough
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2. In transverse waves the vibrations are _______ to the direction of travel and energy transfer?

  • opposite
  • perpendicular
  • parallel
  • stuck

3. What are waves?

  • lines that go up and down
  • Vibrations that transfer energy from place to place
  • what surfers ride in the sea
  • lines of energy that move

4. What type of wave is a sound wave?

  • Longitudinal
  • transverse
  • mechanical
  • noisy

5. What are the main two types of wave?

  • Longitudinal & Transverse
  • Mexican & Water
  • Seismic & Sound
  • Light & Sound


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