Waves and the universe

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1. Which one of the following types of electromagnetic wave is used to carry information between masts in a mobile phone network?

  • microwave
  • Radio
  • light
  • ---
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2. What is the big bang theory?

  • The theory that the universe is expanding after an explosion form an initial point
  • When a balloon makes a large bang
  • The theory that matter leaked into the universe
  • i dont know

3. Visible light can:

  • Cause blindness
  • cause cancer
  • damage skin cells and cause burns
  • internal tissue heating

4. The atmosphere ____ radio waves that carry signals from local radio stations. This is why the signals cannot be received far away from the transmitter

  • escapes
  • reflects
  • absorbs
  • retracts

5. What direction is the red shift?

  • Right
  • Left
  • Up
  • Down


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