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2. Work out formula of hydrated salt- (Mass of CaCl2-xH20=6.573g) (Mass of CaCl2=3.333g)

  • CaCl2-H20
  • CaCl2-6H20
  • CaCl2-8H20

3. Show dot formula for water of crystallisation for Ba Cl2 H4 O2 ?

  • BaCl2-4H20
  • BaCl2-2H20
  • BaCl2-H20

4. Term for water of crystallisation within a structure?

  • Hydrated
  • Anhydrous
  • Gas

5. Which atom in the empirical formula helps work out water of crystallisation within the empirical formulae?

  • Nitrogen atoms
  • Hydrogen atoms
  • Chlorine atoms


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