Water World - Key words and definitions:

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Low level of water supply relative to basic needs
Water Shortage
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Supply of water per person falls below 1700m3 per year
Water Stress
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Supply of water per person falls below 1000m3 per year
Water Scarcity
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Reached when 60% of river flows are diverted for agricultural use
Physical Water Scarcity
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When less than 25% of rivers used there is an abundant supply potential
Economic Water Scarcity
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Polluted water
Grey water
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The visible part of the Hydrological system
Blue water
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Water intercepted, stored and released by vegetation by evaporation and transpiration
Green water
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Indicates how much water is required by consumers
Water footprint
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Underground store of water
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Physical make up of the ground
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Condition of the atmosphere over time
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Shape of the land
Relief / Topography
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Rainfall caused by mountains
Relief rainfall
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Change in trade winds iin the Pacific ocean
El Niño
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Water rich farming technique
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Overland flow of water
Surface runoff
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Inland body of water in Kazakhstan which is reducing in size
Aral Sea
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WHO, UN, Water Aid, TNC's are..
Key players
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Unsure about supplies in the future
Water Insecurity
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Salt content of water
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Making salt water fresh
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Altercations over water
Water wars
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Riverside water users
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International / intergovernmental water issues
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Large scale (top down) water management structure
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Valley in the middle east experienceing stress and conflict
Jordan valley
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Water that is saved by importing water rich crops / products
Virtual water
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Structure of fertility of soil declines
Soil degredation
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Habitats/ Native vegtation loss
Loss of ecosystem
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Nitrates and Phosphates reduce oxygen in water
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Major human process putting stress on water
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Water soaking into the ground
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Water filtering through underground rock
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Residents, buisnesses, local governments and enviromental ground
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Making water suppies not public
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Nicknamed 'The Big red' (hint USA)
The Colorado River
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Australian Basin
Murray Darling
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Chinese water transfer scheme
North South
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Longest river in the world
River Nile (6853 km long)
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Worsening global issue
Climate change
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The most unsustainable city
Mexico city
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Percentage of water avaliable for human use
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Water Stress


Supply of water per person falls below 1700m3 per year

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Water Scarcity


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Physical Water Scarcity


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Economic Water Scarcity


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