War and Peace

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Examples of a non violent method
1. Sit-ins 2. Vigils 3. Fasting and hunger strikes 4. Picketting
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Non violence meaning?
Does not only mean not engaging in violence, it is a way of taking positive action to resist oppression or bring about change
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What do you do with Non- violence?
Try to convert your opponent, win over their mind to persuade them that your view is right
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What is important with Non-violence?
To seek a win-win solution, not to make your opponent suffer.
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What does Non-violence aim to do?
Bring about change without resulting in violence and making their opponent suffer.
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Pacifism Latin?
Latin for 'peace making'
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Why are people Pacifist?
1. Religious faith 2. View that war is wasteful 3. Non religious belief of the sanctity of life
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What do all of the different types of Pacifism agree on?
Conflict should be settled peacefully
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Other than opposition of war what does Pacifism promote?
Promotes the justice of human rights which are central to their aims
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Four types of Pacifism
1. Active 2. Absloute 3. Selective 4. Conditional
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What is Absolute Pacifism?
Human life is precious and there can never be justification to the killing of another, therefore war is always wrong, even in self defense
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What is Conditional Pacifism?
Violence and War is wrong in principle, some times it can be the lesser of two evils. Can be justified with the good it achieves.
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What is Selective Pacifism?
Some types of warfare are accepted, WMD's are NOT! through the wide consequences of the destruction to the environment
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What is Active Pacifism?
Getting involved to try and bring about peace and argue against a specific war they feel are unjust
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Why did Niebuhr change from being a Pacifist to not?
Through the destruction he saw in WW2 he believed humans were evil
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Niebuhr quotation on evil and humans.
'Evil is not to be traced back to the individual, but the collective behavior of humanity'
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Example Niebuhr uses to justify war- His experience
Fight back against the Nazi's to save thousands of lives
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3 Positives of Pacifism?
1. Jesus was a Pacifist 2. Illogical to use violence to bring about peace 3. War is wasteful in the eyes of financial and human lives
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4 Negatives of Pacifism?
1. Prohibited from self defense 2. Human life may not be intrinsically valuable 3. Historically Pacifism does not work 3. Hypothetical outcome
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What is a Holy War fought for?
Religious reasons- Spreading and defending the faith
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Example of a Holy War?
Crusades- Christians fought to drive out Muslims out of the Holy Land where Jesus lived and died, they believed it should be a Christian country.
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What does the Koran think about war?
'Unwanted obligation' War must be the last resort
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Allah view of War?
He does not approve. 'Each time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it'
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Koran teaching of permitting war?
Only permitted in defense of the faith, should be conducted justly
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Biggest military spender?
US $711Billion a year
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4 Reasons why people go to war?
1. Greed 2. Human Rights 3. Protection 4. Religion
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What is a problem of going to war?
It presents a major challenge to morality, the human race is so self destructive
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Problems with the Bible and its view on War
Mixed signals and varied views on war which can cause confusion
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Three parts of Just War theory?
1. Jus ad bellum 2. Jus in bello 3. Just post bellum
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Religion concerned with Just War?
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Three beliefs JWT trys to reconcile?
1. Taking of human life is wrong 2. States have a duty to defend citizens 3. Protecting innocent human life
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Origins of JWT?
Early Christians were Pacifists as Jesus taught violence is wrong, Constine needed to find a way to convince them to use violence. Augustine thought war could be justified
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Conflicting Bible evidence?
1. Old Testament 'The LORD is a warrior' 2. 'Blessed are the peacemakers'
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Jus in bello conditions? (6)
1. Laws on weapons- no WMD's 2. Discriminate- civilians to be protected not targeted 3. Proportionality- minimum amount of force 4. Prisoners of War given human rights 5.Weapons must not be evil 6. No reprisals or revenge
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Jus ad bellum conditions? (7)
1. Just Authority 2. Just Cause 3. Just Intention 4. Proportionality 5. Last resort 6. Chance of success 7. Comparative justice
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Jus post bellum conditions? (4)
1. Maintaining Peace 2. Establishing human rights 3. Fair traits to war criminals 4. Opportunity to reform
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Non violence meaning?


Does not only mean not engaging in violence, it is a way of taking positive action to resist oppression or bring about change

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What do you do with Non- violence?


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What is important with Non-violence?


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