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1. What does the harmony, texture and pitch all have in common in Waltz music?

  • They are all simple
  • As the pitch rises, the texture and harmony decreases
  • They all have a wide range
  • They move in the same way (one goes up, others do)
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2. What is the tempo of the Waltz?

  • Lively/vivace
  • Accelerando
  • Fast/allegro
  • Slow/andante

3. What are the steps involved in the chosen sequence?

  • Step forward/backwards, step to the side, feet together
  • Forward, backward, left, right
  • Feet touch together and there is a skip in the step
  • Feet are in-sync with partners, steps are gradually led into

4. Rubato is sometimes used in Waltz music. What does it mean?

  • A musical phrase that is constantly repeated
  • A temporary stop on a particular note
  • Speed up or down depending on the feeling of the song
  • Improvisation

5. What is the main base pattern in Waltz music?

  • A pulse
  • Drone
  • Un-Cha-Cha
  • Modualtion (moving from one key to another)


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