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1. How does the music and dance steps fit together?

  • The first beat of the bar is the first dance step
  • For every beat, the dancers do two steps
  • It doesnt
  • The music is improvised and fits with what the dancers dance like
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2. Rubato is sometimes used in Waltz music. What does it mean?

  • Speed up or down depending on the feeling of the song
  • Improvisation
  • A musical phrase that is constantly repeated
  • A temporary stop on a particular note

3. What is the sequence involved in the Waltz?

  • Slow sequence
  • 3 step sequence
  • Quick sequence
  • 4 step sequence

4. What happens on the first and third step in a Waltz dance?

  • The pairs feet intertwine
  • Hand actions are added, the first being hands lifting up and on the third, falling down
  • On the first, they rise a little on toes and fall back on the third step
  • The dancers heads move sharply from left to right

5. What four words best describe the Waltz?

  • Smooth, gliding, graceful, elegant
  • Sad, slow, seperated, sharp
  • Fast, staccato, aggressive, passionate
  • Energetic, bouncing, very fast, happy


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