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2. “not a dead but painful weight on the feelings”. Wanted Celia and Bonario to be lovers.

  • ST Coleridge
  • Alvin Kernan
  • AC Swinburne
  • Ben Jonson

3. Volpone is not animated by a fixed goal but by a “continual self-projection into a feigned and alien identity...it is the exhilarating play of possibility”

  • Ian Donaldson
  • Robert Adams
  • John Hall
  • William Dryden

4. The play demonstrates “that a man without a core will be without principle”. Fluidity of identity makes it attractive, but also means that self-identity is lost. If there is no self-identity to uphold then there would be no honour e.g. Corvino. Inde

  • William Dryden
  • Peter Hyland
  • Sean McEvoy
  • Bruce Thomas Boehr

5. Who said “repudiation of what Volpone the character symbolises"

  • William Hazlitt
  • David Riggs
  • Sam Thompson
  • John J Enck


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