Volpone Critics Quotes

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1. The play brings “contradictions between political liberty and a just legal system on the one hand and unscrupulous capitalism on the other” - warning that capitalism breeds avarice and will subvert justice

  • Alvin Kernan
  • John Hall
  • Sean McEvoy
  • Robert Adams
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2. Believes that Volpone and Mosca should not have been punished by Jonson’s virtue who “sends off the honest tricksters to a punishment far worse than of their crooked victims”

  • Robert Adams
  • John J Enck
  • WB Yeats
  • Ian Donaldson

3. “not a dead but painful weight on the feelings”. Wanted Celia and Bonario to be lovers.

  • Ben Jonson
  • Alvin Kernan
  • ST Coleridge
  • AC Swinburne

4. Volpone does not “ineffectually” depend on Mosca completely. The first scene demonstrates that his “inactive wits have already carried him high in the financial world”

  • Peter Hyland
  • Ian Donaldson
  • John J Enck
  • William Gifford

5. Volpone’s folly is self-ignorance due to his isolation from his feigned illness. “that enclosed, immobile existence in which his pretence is inviolable, and has little change of mastering that longing”

  • G Gregory Smith
  • Anne Barton
  • Michael Williams
  • Alexander Leggatt


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