Volpone Critics Quotes

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1. the courts are inadequate, and the punishment they give is purely mechanical since crime “will lead to success that can no longer contain itself to any limits”

  • John J Enck
  • Sean McEvoy
  • WB Yeats
  • Alexander Leggatt
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2. Jonson was in a “Schizophrenic” predicament of having to flatter the authorities e.g. the King, whilst wanting to critique it and so must participate “in the same pattern of consumption and display” he denounces.

  • John Hall
  • Richard Barbour
  • Bruce Thomas Boehr
  • Peter Hyland

3. what in an individual was a vice, in aggregate may become a virtue

  • Ian Donaldson
  • Ben Jonson
  • W B Yeats
  • Anne Barton

4. “unspeakably, unexemplary mortals”

  • AC Swinburne
  • John Wheeler
  • Alexander Leggatt
  • Bruce Thomas Boehr

5. the audience condemns Volpone’s amoral actions but have an “aesthetic appreciation of the entertainment provided by his duplicity”

  • Robert Adams
  • John J Enck
  • Mike Brett
  • ST Coleridge


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