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Anderson 2006
Very difficult for those with alternative viewpoints to receive attention in news media coverage of risk
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Journalists may have a limited understanding of risk and options so are prone to error
Tobin and Montz 1997
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Journalists have Crisis Fatigue
Ross 2004
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Where the Hurriacen K rapes and murder real of a result of poor reporting
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Diley et al 2015
World Bank claims 1/2 the population are exposed to 1 or more natural hazards
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Nuclear regulation highlight the problems of
Regulatory Capture
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7 Major Categories of Risk (Lupton 2013)
Environmental , Lifestyle, Medical , Interpersonal , Economic , Criminal , Political
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Brown 2016
Resilience has be described as a theory of change
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Gephart 1984 argument against the disaster incubation model
under-emphasis the political process and power relationship inherent to life of risk-managing organisations , to the regulatory-regulated relationship or to a society more widely
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Peduzzie et al 2005 Risk refers to
the expected looses from a particular hazards to a specified element at risk in a particular future time period
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Loss may be estimated in
terms of human lives, buildings destroyed or in financial terms (Cardona 2005)
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L'Aquilla Earthquake killed
309 - 29 of which may not have died if they had not been reassured by the press
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Resilience Brown 2016
Resilience is the ability to absorb disturbance , to be changed and then to reorganise and still have the same identity.
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Environmental Hazards (Smith 2013)
Enviro hazards limited to events originating in and transmitted through natual and built enviro leading to death/economic loss etc (Smith 2013)
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Collins 2008
Instead of using authority to reduce wildfire risk , state (market ) institutions have been instrumental in producing unsafe conditions
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Detection of storm trends
remains a challenge (IPCC 2012)
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Earthquakes are generally regarded as the
most destructive force on nature but looses caused by floods/storms far exceeds this (Berz et al 2001)
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is the degree to which a system is susceptible to and unable to cope with adverse effects (McCarthy et al 2001)
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Scientific Literacy Rate in the US
17% (miller 2004)
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Droughts are undereported according to
SHELDUS/NATHAN and Em-dat (gall et al 2009)
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Governance Frameworks
Directive, Devolved and Collaborative
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Development Paradigm
Looking at why LEDC suffer more. Theoretical , radical , 1970s
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High Reliability Theory - can face complexity and have good safety record. Has the aspiration to be failure free. LaPorte 1981
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Flood managment require
multiple approaches offering alternative ways of constructing and framing flood risk management ( Twigger-Ross 2006)
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Pitt Review 2008
55,000 flooded, 7,000 rescued, 13 dead , largest loss of essential service since WW2
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Beck's Risk Society is a
systematic way of dealing with hazards and insecurities induces and introduced by modernisation itself.
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Tobin and Montz 1997


Journalists may have a limited understanding of risk and options so are prone to error

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Ross 2004


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World Bank claims 1/2 the population are exposed to 1 or more natural hazards


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