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rashly, heedlessly, at random
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temperantia, temperantiae (f)
moderation, self-control
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tempero, temperare, temperavi, temperatum
to govern, to regulate, to show restraint
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tendo, tendere, tetendi, tentum/tensum
to stretch, to hold out, to strain, to aim for, to direct one's course
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tenebrae, tenebrarum (f pl)
darkness, gloomy place
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tener, tenera, tenerum
tender, delicate, soft, yielding
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tento, tentare, tentavi, tentatum
to try, to test, to assail
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tenuis, tenuis, tenue
thin, fine, delicate
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tergum, tergi (n)
back, rear
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terror, terroris (m)
terror, dread
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theatrum, theatri (n)
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tolero, tolerare, toleravi, toleratum
to bear, to put up with, to endure
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tormentum, tormenti (n)
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tracto, tractare, tractavi, tractatum
to handle, to treat, to manage
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traduco, traducere, traduxi, traductum
to lead across, to transfer
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transitus, transitus (m)
crossing over, passage
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trepido, trepidare, trepidavi, trepidatum
to be agitated, to quiver
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tribuo, tribuere, tribui, tributu,
to assign, to classify, to allot, to grant
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tribunus, tribuni (m)
tribune, officer
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tribus, tribus (f)
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triumphus, triumphi (m)
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turba, turbae (f)
crowd, throng, disorder
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turris, turris (f)
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ulciscor, ulcisci, ultus sum
to punish, to take vengeance on, to avenge
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ultimus, ultima, ultimum
farthest, extreme, remotest, final, latest
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beyond, farther, besides
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beyond, besides, of one own's accord
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umbra, umbrae (f)
shadow, shade, ghost
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umbrosus, umbrosa, umbrosum
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umerus, umeri (m)
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una cum
together with
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unda, undae (f)
wave, water
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urgeo, urgere, ursi
to press on, to push forward, to crowd
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uro, urere, ussi, ustum
to burn
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vaco, vacare, vacavi, vacatum
to be empty, to be free
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vacuus, vacua, vacuum
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vadum, vadi (n)
shallow, shoal
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vagor, vagari, vagatus sum
to wander, to roam
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greatly, very
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vallis, vallis (f)
valley, vale
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vallum, valli (n)
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vanus, vana, vanum
empty, idle, useless
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varietas, vartietatis (f)
difference, diversity
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vasto, vastare, vastavi, vastatum
to lay waste
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vastus, vasta, vastum
vast, immense, empty, desolate, uncouth
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vates, vatis (m/f)
soothsayer, bard, poet
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veho, vehere, vexi, vectum
to carry, to convey
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venenum, veneni (n)
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veneror, venerari, veneratus sum
to revere to worship
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venia, veniae (f)
grace, pardon, favour
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ver, veris (n)
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versus, versus (m)
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vesper, vesperis (m)
evening, evening-star
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vestio, vestire, vestii/vestivi, vestitum
to dress, to clothe
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vestis, vestis (f)
clothing, coverlet
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veto, vetare, vetui, vetitum
to forbid
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Card 2


moderation, self-control


temperantia, temperantiae (f)

Card 3


to govern, to regulate, to show restraint


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Card 4


to stretch, to hold out, to strain, to aim for, to direct one's course


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Card 5


darkness, gloomy place


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