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2. acquiesce

  • (v.) to agree without protesting
  • (n.) eagerness, speed
  • (n.) something that differs from the norm
  • (v.) to hate, detest

3. amiable

  • (v.) to urge, coax
  • (adj.) friendly
  • (adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive
  • (adj.) obscure, secret, known only by a few

4. avarice

  • (v.) to urge, coax
  • (n.) excessive greed
  • (adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive
  • (adj.) excessively bold, brash, clear and obvious

5. callous

  • (v.) to voice disapproval
  • (adj.) harsh, cold, unfeeling
  • (n.) honesty, frankness
  • (adj.) cautious


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