visual perception

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The eye receives __ much information to send to the brain. It therefore encodes this information sending changes in __ and __
too, time (e.g. movement) , space (e.g. edges)
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Encoding is achieved through __
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Inhibition over time >
after-effect type illusions
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Inhibition over space >
simultaneous contract type illusions.
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The brain has to reconstruct (decode) the image. It does this via __
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Excitation leads to a third type of illusion..
filling in.
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Sensory processing starts where? The retina is part of
starts in the eye, retina part of the brain.
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Receptive fields:
cells only see a small part of space.
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Receptive field structure:
cells respond to light differently in different parts of their receptive fields.
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Retinal ganglion cells have a centre surround receptive field structure. (produces inhibition over space)
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many retinal ganglion cells also respond to sudden changes in light over time.
If the light stays on the cells are inhibition. (inhibition over time)
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Sudden removal of a prolonged image produces..
an after image because inhibition has time lag.
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We get colour vision by having..
3 cone photoreceptor types.
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The 4th photoreceptor type (rods) support
night vision. We're all colour blind at night.
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Cerebral chromatopsia / cortical colour blindness results from..
a loss of area V8. Vital for conscious colour perception.
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Colour system is arranged much like spatial vision with:
1) centre-surround cells in the retina where centre and surround prefer different colours. 2) filling in in area V1. 3) thus we get simultaneous colour contrast, colour after-effects and the water colour illusion.
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Colour constancy is our ability to..
ignore the colour of the light source (in V4/V8)
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Encoding is achieved through __



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Inhibition over time >


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Inhibition over space >


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The brain has to reconstruct (decode) the image. It does this via __


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