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1. Which is the true function of education says the Marxist

  • Reproduces inequalities and social relations of capitalist society
  • Homer simpson
  • Reproduces racism in class rooms of society
  • Reproduces social relations of capital fm
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2. What is education seen as an important part of

  • Class equality
  • Ethnicity equality
  • Super Structure
  • Hazel Grove High School

3. Who talks about ideological state apparatus

  • Miss Holt
  • Bowles and Ginitis
  • Louis Althusser
  • Alex Ferguson

4. What is conformity?

  • Obeying God
  • A change in the behavior of a minority to fit the majority
  • A change in the behaviour of the majority to fit in with the minority
  • Conforming you are well behaved

5. What does marixsist believe in?

  • The ruling class are at the top of the social hierarchy
  • The ruling class are in the middle of the social hierarchy
  • The ruling class doesn't exist
  • The working class are at the top of the social hierarchy


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