Vietnam war

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What Military action did the USA use?
They dropped many bombs and used search and destroy tactics. In 1965 the Vietcong attacked a US base killing 9 americans wounding 100 which America responded by a bombing raid callled operation rolling thunder.
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What was Operation Rolling Thunder?
The bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This was to try and bring the North Vietnamese to surrender but it didn't work and only strengthened them.
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What happend in My Lai?
On 16th March 1968 American troops went to do a search and destroy which ended up killing No vietcong officers.
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Who lead the platoons?
Lt. Calley who ordered the village to be destroyed.
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What was the death toll of My Lai?
500 unarmed men, women, children and babies but some were uncounted.
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What did the USA publish as the kill count for the VC?
90 VC when actually they killed none.
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Why was My Lai so important?
It broke out 18 months after the event and was published on American TV. American people were shocked as the massacre.
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What did the American public think about the war now?
It was bad and that they should pull out. Demonstrations begun to take place.
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How was TV and media coverage change peoples views of the war?
People were able to see the war first hand and this made people have their own opinion. Governments couldn't feed the public with propaganda.
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Some men were drafted to go to war, How did they protest?
They burnt their draft card which is illegal and then they fled to Canda to avoid arrest. Around 34,000 Draft dodgers were wanted by the police.
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How did Popular culture affect the anti-war protests?
People like Bob Dylan and John Lennon made anti war songs.
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What was the War veterans march?
These were US soldiers that had been to vietnam and protesting to sho people how bad it actually was, In March 1971 300,000 took part in this march.
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What happend at Kent state University?
2nd May 1970 about 1000 students protested about the war as many soldiers were 18-21 which were very young. 4 students were killed and 9 wounded and evidence shows that they wern't even part of the deomonstration.
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What was the Fulbright hearing?
This was a Government hearing which let 22 people give hearings about the war. They concluded that the war should be brought to an end.
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What was the Tet Offence?
A Vietnamese Holiday where 70,000 Vietcong troops attacked South Vietnamese villages. They hoped to suprise the US troops as it was a national holiday.
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What happend during the Tet Offensive?
1500 US Deaths, 3000 South Vietnamese troops dead and 14,000 Civillian Lives dead. It caused a severe blow to the Vietcong as well.
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What were the Vietcong trying to do?
Overthrow the South Vietnamese Government, Reunite North and the South and Take over the US embassy in Saigon.
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What Impact did the Tet Offensive have on the Vietcong?
Fist time they didn't use Guerilla Tactics but it didn't work as 10,000 Vietcong troops were killed, The Vietcong never recovered.
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What impact did the Tet Offensive have on the USA?
North Vietnamese leaders agreed to take part in a peace talk. The US public were shocked by seeing a live death during the attack and this made nearly everyone against the war.
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Walter Cronkite was a well known journilist in Vietnam, What did he say about the war?
'What the hell was going on!?'
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What did President Johnson say when he heard Cronkite verdict on the war?
'If i've lost mr cronkite, i've lost mr average' saying he has lost the average americans support became Walter Cronkite is very respected.
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What is Vietnamisation?
The Gradual withdrawing of US troops and training the South Vietnamese army to fight on its own using US arms and supplies.
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Why use Vietnamisation?
Because president Nixon didn't want to be the president that lost the Vietnam war.
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How did America achieve Vietnamisation?
They conscripted 17-41 year old men. As the ARVN grew in size the US withdrew 400,000 US troops. This left 150,000 troops left but because of the USA public being so behind it, Nixon had to pull all troops out.
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Did Vietnamisation work?
At first yes because the vietcong were still recovering from their defeat in the tet offensive but in 1972 North Vietnam Invaded South Vietnam.
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In 1973 the Paris Peace agreement was held, What were the terms?
Immediate Ceasefire, All US armed forces would leave, US prisoners to be released, self determination for South Vietnam and Elections to decide Vietnam's future.
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What happend after the US left Vietnam?
1974 fighting between North and South Vietnam restarted, this was to take advantage of the US withdrawal.
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How did the North Vietnamese attack the South in 1975?
Went through Laos and Cambodia and attacked South Vietnam making villages fall to communism.
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What city would North Vietnam have to secure to conquer the South?
Saigon which was the capital of the south.
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What did the South Vietnamese try and do?
Seek refuge in other countries, many left in boats and some went with US officials.
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What was the Death Toll for the whole war?
4 million Vietnamese killed, 57,000 US troops died and over 300,000 have been wounded with permanent injuries.
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The bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This was to try and bring the North Vietnamese to surrender but it didn't work and only strengthened them.

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