verbs + infinitive

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acostumbrarse a
to become used to(something/someone)
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arriesgarse a
to risk(doing something)
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aspirar a
to aspire to(do/be something)
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comenzar a
to begin(to do something)
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decidirse a
to decide(to do something)
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limitarse a
to limit oneself to(do something)
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llegar a
to arrive at(a place), to manage to(do something)
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negarse a
to refuse to(do something)
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oponerse a
to be opposed to(something/doing something)
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pasar a
to proceed to(something/doing something)
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romper a
to begin to do something(suddenly)
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volver a
to return to(a place/doing something)again
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acabar con
to finish/exhaust(something)
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dar con
to come upon(someone/something)
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abusar de
to take advantage of(someone/something)
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asombrarse de
to be astonished at(something)
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dejar de
to stop(doing something)
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ocuparse de
to pay attention/mind(something)
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quejarse de
to complain of/about something
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tratar de
to try to(do something)
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tratar de
to try to(do something)
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confiar en
to trust/confide in(someone/a situation)
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consistir en
to consist of(something/doing something)
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convirtirse en
to become/change into(someone/something)
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molestarse en
to take the trouble to(do something)
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empañ**** en
to insist on(something/doing something)
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soñar con
to dream of or about(someone/something)
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Card 2


arriesgarse a


to risk(doing something)

Card 3


aspirar a


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Card 4


comenzar a


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Card 5


decidirse a


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