Validity and reliability of SZ

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1. critique Rosenhan 4o years outdated this is significant because...

  • under new diagnosis would not get diagnosed (2 for 1 month)
  • under new diagnosis would get diagnosed (2 for 1 month)
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2. who found that hospitalised patients with more than 1 diagnosis had poorer awareness/ outcome

  • Chapman
  • sim et al
  • rosenhan
  • Beck

3. reliability is questined because

  • sufferer diagnosed different type SZ in each class system
  • sufferer diagnosed same type SZ in each class system

4. Who found that the inte rrater r in us was +0.4% when accessing bazarre/ non bazarre symptoms

  • Coperland
  • Nicholoson
  • Richardson

5. Cooper

  • 2x more likely diagnosed NY than LON
  • inter rater r between 2 pysy of 154 patients 54%


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