Validity and reliability of SZ

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1. Rosenhan tested validity of diagnosis because...

  • they psychatrists were not diagnosing properly
  • we all have symptoms ie. hearing voices
  • you can't repeat the diagnosis
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2. Who found that the inte rrater r in us was +0.4% when accessing bazarre/ non bazarre symptoms

  • Nicholoson
  • Richardson
  • Coperland

3. Cooper

  • 2x more likely diagnosed NY than LON
  • inter rater r between 2 pysy of 154 patients 54%

4. Cultural inter rater reliability... people

  • Cooper, Beck and Copeland
  • Chapman, Rosenhan and Sim
  • Cooper, Beck and Sim

5. Continuum

  • no sharp line bewtween individuals with or without disorder
  • as issue diagnosing SZ diagnosed more than 1 disorder


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