USSR ; gov ; intro ; bolshevik aims + october revolution '17

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when was the party established?
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what regime was its main target?
tsarist regime
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who ruled russia after 1894?
tsar nicholas ii
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when did the tsarist regime collapse?
february 1917
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under the strains of?
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who did the bolshevkis aim to get rid of?
middle and upper classes
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who exploited workers and peasants under what system?
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that developed with what?
industrial revolution
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bolsheviks believed this system should be replaced with what?
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in which government woul represent who?
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and would improve which two things for the workers as a whole?
living and working conditions
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eventually what did they hope to establish?
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where who would have control over the people's lives?
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who wrote extensively on the economic system that developed under the industrial revolution?
karl marx
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and his ideas were the basis for what?
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according to marx what was inevitable?
process historical change from capitalism to communism
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but what did lenin believe about this change?
it should be helped along
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what kind of party did lenin believe should seize power on behalf of the proletariat?
highly centralised and disciplined
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what were the proletariat?
working class that came about due to the industrial revolution
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power would then be taken away from which class?
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and placed in hands of?
bolshevik party
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what were the bourgeoisie?
owners of factories / industries / shops who own means of production
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and what would they act as
dictatorship of the proletariat
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which is a government that does what?
rules on behalf of the working class
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to promote socialism by government control over?
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in interest of?
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when risk of counter-revolution was dealt with, what did lenin believe would happen?
state wither away and communism develop
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how did they seize power in 1917?
uprising that was well planned/executed
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what was set up after the fall of the tsar?
provisional government
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and what happened to them in the uprising?
forced from power
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at the time how many members were there in the bolshevik party?
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what kind of party did this make them?
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in order to justify bolshevik rule representing worker interest, what was revolution portrayed as?
mass uprising of the workers
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propaganda presented the event as a heroic storming of which landmark with mass support?
winter palace
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in reality what were the only troops left guarding the palace?
women's death battalion
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who did what when the bolsheviks arrived?
opened the gates and let them in
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seized power with what support base?
v limited
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so what would be reqired to ensure held power?
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because they were what kind of party?
minority party
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when was the party established?



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what regime was its main target?


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who ruled russia after 1894?


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when did the tsarist regime collapse?


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