USSR ; gov ; ext. nature party rule post stalin ; brezhnev return to stability

how did peole view brezhnev?
safe pair of hands
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when did presidium return to politburo?
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brezhnev was aware khrushchev was removed why?
lost trust of colleagues
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what largely ceremonial role was podgorny given?
head of state
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and shelepin put to task on?
foreign affairs
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what did brezhnev quickly reversE?
aspects of de-stalinisation that upset party
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as many of khrushchev's reforms were labelled what?
hare-brained schemes
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what division was dropped?
agriculture / industrial
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what limits were removed?
limits on tenure
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what were the two guiding principles to be?
collective leadership / 'trust in cadres'
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what was the chief result of these principles?
all party officials long unbroken tenures
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what did this mean party became main instrument of?
upward mobility
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and therefore what happened to membership?
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how many members in '53?
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to how many in '80?
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no more 'subjectivism', meaning?
decisions no longer made by leader w/o conslting party
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brezhnev emerged under what self-named (is that a thing?) title?
'first among equals'
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by which year?
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but also did what?
used inner core of politburo to discuss important issues / consult colleagues
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used gensek position to make sure politburo members got what?
'right' information
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which helped do what?
smooth divisions
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what was brezhnev also prepared to do with rivals?
retain some
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like for example who remained PM even though brezhnev hated him?
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when was there a new soviet constitiution?
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which enshrined rights of citizens to do what?
criticise incompetent and uneffective party secretaries
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but how were posts in both party and government filled?
appointment > election
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what did article 6 of the constitution assert?
primacy of communist party > state
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this, acc 2 constitution was what?
'mature socialism'
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these moves brought an end to what?
most radical de-stalinisation elements
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even limited recognition of cenrenary in 1979 of what?
stalin's birth
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yet there was no return to what key part of stalinism?
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what did brezhnev prefer to ignore in name of stability?
'the stalin question'
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which party congress in which year was dubbed the 'congress of silences;?
twenty-third party congress - '66
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so little discussion
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only two renaming changes made whic were?
presidium / politburo + first secretary / general secretary
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what are two examples of medals brezhnev gave himself?
lenin peace prize / lenin prize for literature (for his ******' memoirs i might add)
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what did breznhev collect?
western limousines
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despite symbols of power, what did brezhnev have less of than both stalin AND EVEN KHRUSHCHEV?
personal power
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what ability did he lack and tend to leave to others?
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who did he prefer to trust and let get on with thier jobs?
party comrades
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result made brezhnev popular but also led to hwat?
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when did presidium return to politburo?



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brezhnev was aware khrushchev was removed why?


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what largely ceremonial role was podgorny given?


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and shelepin put to task on?


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