ussr ; fall ; nationalism ; consequences brezhnev doc end in e.europe

gorby's reform led to some e.europe govs doing what?
attempting reforms
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and for public?
increasing pressure
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much of this pressure driven by?
nationalist sentiments
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commie rule had been imposed on ee post-wwii + assoc. w/ soviet control
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now opp 4 each nation 2 do what?
decide own future
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gathered momentum and what took many by suprise?
pace of events
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what happened to govs that resisted?
increasingly isolated
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end doctrine posed particular prob for which e.e leaders?
those resistant to reform
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could no longer rely on what?
soviet military intervention
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evidence gorby meant what he said when hungary did what in '89?
adopted multiparty esystem
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and polish elections returned what gov?
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ussr took no action and gorby did what?
offered encouragement
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result was collapse communist regimes in ee as national grps did what?
asserted independence
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- poland
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in poland gov yielded to pressure from which group?
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who were an organisation of?
independedt workers
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in what year?
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and decided to allow what?
it and anyother groups to stand in elections
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in general elections that followed what happened?
solidarity defeated communists in landslide
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in face of support lack what happened to party?
collapsed as org
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what did ussr do to stop?
*billy eichner voice* nothing!
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what did gorby seem to do?
approve of them deciding own future
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what message was clear to all others pressing for change in ee?
ussr no longer wished to impose itself on internal affairs of ee
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and for public?


increasing pressure

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much of this pressure driven by?


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now opp 4 each nation 2 do what?


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