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yeltsin presented image of politician in touch with what?
wishes of the ppl
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he possessed what that gorby never convincingly held?
popular support
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when was yeltsin removed from politburo?
feb '88
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how many years later did he play a decisive role in end ussr?
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yeltsin used time out of spotlight to establish further links with who?
other reformers / gorby critics
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yeltsin expert at using opps to do what?
appeal to public for sympathy and support
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attacked gorby +policies @ central committee plenum in what year?
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conducted in an arena with what?
tv coverage
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met with leaders of what org?
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visited who to show support for actions as chairman of the russian congress?
striking miners / demonstrators
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in march '91 how many ppl gathered in moscow to show support for yeltsin?
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gorby's decision to do wht in '89 gave yeltsin opportunity to launch comeback?
hold elections for congress of people's deputies
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used his position as what to organise demonstrations for his support?
mayor of moscow
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and secured what % of vote in city?
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this gave him what claim gorby never had?
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realised efforts in his platform of people's congress wouldn't bring change until?
communist party hold over soviet gov broken
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needed alternate power base and used his election to what in '90 to attack gov?
congress of people's deputies for the rsfsr
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whatmovement of his secured most votes in the cities?
democratic russia
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but countryside supported what kind of candidates?
more conservative
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enough nonetheless for yeltsin to be elected chairman of congresswhen?
may '90
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from this moment on gorby faced challenge to his authority from leader of?
ussr key republic: russia
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from this position yeltsin passed series measures that did what?
undermined gorby
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when did yeltsin resign from party?
july '90
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congress declared what?
sovereignity took precedence over that of soviet union
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in effect meaning russian congress considered itself?
above auth of soviet gov
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what did gorby declare this move?
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but set scene for continual truggle between governments of?
soviet union / russia
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yeltsin encouraged what in non-russian republics?
nationalist movements
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that calculated to what?
further reduce central gov influence
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suprising when they (y+G) tried to work together for reform when?
spring '91
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joined forces to negotiate and support what?
novo-ogarevo agreement
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which formed basis of what '91 treaty?
gorby's union treaty
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what is debated about yeltsin's role in this?
whether it was sincere or a ploy to weaken gorby
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led by who in party?
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coup was last ditch attempt to do what?
preserve territorial integrity of ussr / rule party
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where was gorby?
on holiday in crimea
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what was formed to take over running of country?
state emergency committee
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coup leaders included people in which positions?
veep / head kgb / defence minister
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supported by some leading?
army officers
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at press conference yanaev announced gorby was?
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when really?
house arrest
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and what would rule in absence?
stat eof emergency
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series of what hastily announced?
repressive measures
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including ban on?
strikes / demonstrations
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what were ordered to clear moscow streets?
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- key impacts of coup on development
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yeltsin stand against plotters greatly enhanced his reputation as?
defender of freedom / reform
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what demand of his made his stance seem less like he was using coup for self-publicity?
gorby be removed from house arrest and returned to president ussr
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emboldened by enhanced position post-coup yeltsin quickly introduced series of measures that?
sped up collapse ussr
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launched programme of wht in economy?
market reform
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by when had monompoly of party legally ened?
summer '91
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and yeltsin and other reformers from party were free to est what as political party?
democratic reform movement
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when did he band the comminosty party of the soviet union in russia?
november '91
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yeltsin then undermined what treaty?
union treaty
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doubtful whether this treaty would've survived after what/
august coup
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plot showed dangers of actions by who in gov?
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opportunity to finally kill treaty was presented when who refused to sign?
ukranian president
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yeltsin decided to follow suit when?
nov '91
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in place, yetsin org what?
commonwealth of independednt states
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much looser arrangement that required no wat?
central soviet gov
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when was this implemented making ussr no more?
dec '91
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he possessed what that gorby never convincingly held?


popular support

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when was yeltsin removed from politburo?


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how many years later did he play a decisive role in end ussr?


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