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where was he seen a hero?
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and hated?
in ussr
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in west gorby seen as leader with courage to do what?
end cold war
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what award did he recieve in '90?
nobel peace prize
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also celebrated as leader that?
dismantled repressive system
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@ same time despised in ussr why?
failed reformer / destroyer of ussr
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- lack vision
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shouldn't be assumed gorbyhad clear idea of what?
how to solve eco. problems of ussr
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well aware of what?
underlying weakness in economy
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career in party helped him appreciate failings where in particular?
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much less certain of what tho?
right solution
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when did he become gensek?
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gorby implemented series unrelated policies to address which two things?
issue productivity / slowdown economicgrowth
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what did he do when these failed to have right effect?
experimented even more
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- naivety
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were most of his policies results intended?
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andhe can be criticised for
making naive assumptions about likely impact
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was level of resistance in party more or less than expected?
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but what experience should have prepared him for this?
how party worked in ussr regions
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launched glasnost to encourage reform support where?
outside party
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but didn't consider possibility glasnost could do what?
open floodgates for attacs on central position and himself
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- powerbase
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measures to reduce power of party?
left him at centre weakened (idiot)
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attacking his base of power w/o ensuring what?
adequate replacement
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position as what was poor substitute?
president of ussr
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especially as he refused to do what in '90?
put to popular election
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contrast to approach of yeltsin who did what?
used popular support and elections to heighten power against gorby
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- expectation
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what had effect of raising expectations?
gorby's reforms
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but did what?
falied to satisgy
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- foreign policy
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decision to end b doctrine based on which naive assumption?
it'd allow communist states of eeurope to reform
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and become regimes based on?
popular support
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hadn't anticipated what?
rapid collapse
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nor effect it'd have on?
nationalist groups w/in ussr
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- insensitive minoruty handling
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his decisions on thse matters harmed relationship between who?
central gov / gov elites in republics
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decision to replace who with russian kolbin in kazakhstan?
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in what year?
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did what?
inflamed tensions
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handling of ethinic clashes where was hesitant?
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where gov declared st8 of emergency + imposed direct control from moscow when?
november '88
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and achieved little more than?
made tensions worse
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soviet gov initial response to baltic republics resulted in what?
lack clearstrategy
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result was confusion that resulted in deaths while storming what?
tv tower in vilnius in jan '91
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- inconsistency
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often did what in speeches?
gave mixed messages
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one example was his speech when to commemorate anniversary of revolution?
nov '87
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used speech to praise stalin as leader while doing wht?
condemning 'real crimes
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trying to appeal to who in party?
'die-hard stalinists'
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but alienated who?
more liberal reformers
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critics of gorby accused him of what?
moving position from supporting reform to reinin it in
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this became more obvious in which month?
dec '90
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when gorby removed reformer bakatin from position as?
minister of the interior
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and replaced him with?
boris pugo the hardliner
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this resulted in resination of who?
key reformers like foreign minister
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consequence of this ever-changing position?
enemies on both sides
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factor in presuading which plotters they needed to take action?
august coup of '91
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on reformers crucially made whose co-operation impossible?
gorby / yeltsin
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- indecision
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during which major event which encouraged him to reform did he hesitate for several days before releasong information?
chernobyl nuclear accident
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often made poor choices in which area that did little to strenghten?
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whendid yeltsin stand for chairman of the congress of people's deputies for the rsfsr?
may '90
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who did gorby support?
alexander vlasov
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with decline in soviet power, soviet citizens had to find what for identity?
alternate focal pts
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most powerful were?
real / imagined national communities
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gorby didn't intend to do what?
bring down communist state or end soviet union
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and reforms can be defended as perfectly reasonable attempt to do what?
ensure survival
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what can it be seen gorby's error was in trying to undertake political / economic and decolonising reform?
did it all @ same time
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impact of all 3 at same time proved what?
too much for state to stand
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no denying 3 policies together put strain on gov but they were all?
intrinsically linked
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eco reform couldn't progress w/o?
political reform
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and this required reduction in power of?
communist party
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chief obstacle to further progress
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political reform reduced hold of central gov over?
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whose elites were threatened by?
changes to economy
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whose elites threatened by?
economy changes
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to guide su through process required wht kind of leader?
one of immense talent
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was gorby intelligent?
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though his understanding of what matters was limited?
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and charm was used to call upon?
to keep support fro reform programmes
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given what this was a difficult challenge he succeeded in for most of time as gensek?
divisions between reformers / conservatives
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to his credit that gorby avoided enforcuing using what?
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despite pressure to do so during whose declarations of independence?
baltic states
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in what year?
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serious risk ussr would descend into?
civil war
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and gorby not prepared for this even if it meant what?
losing soviet state
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chances of success for gorby's reforms undermined by?
unforseen internal factors
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soviet war w/ afghan not his doing as brezhnev agreed to invasion in what year?
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fall of what prices had significant effect on soviet economy?
world oil prices
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which resulted in what being carried out in unfavourable situation?
economic reforms
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what us policy kept soviet union pressurised to divert resources from consumer goods / social welfare?
us star wars
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gorby's foreign policy brought end to what?
cold war
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and this provided opportunity to shift resources from?
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and hated?


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in west gorby seen as leader with courage to do what?


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what award did he recieve in '90?


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also celebrated as leader that?


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