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by '24 industrial production was what % of its '13 figure?
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by '26 what had been restored?
much of pre-war economy
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what was key o further growht?
increasing food production
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in order to support?
more industrial workers
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and gain foreign exchange for?
new technology and machinery
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which two people clled for continuation of NEP?
bukharin and stalin
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who called for greater state control of economy?
trotsky and the left
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increase pace of growht
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in what year did stlain out manoeuvre the left?
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but in what year did events happen to hcange his mind?
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because serioes events ofurred raising spectre fo what?
foreign invasion
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raidof what in london happened?
offices of soviet trade mission
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and where were there attacks on chinese communists?
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how did many peasants respond to this fear of invasion?
hoarding food
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which confirmed what about the peasantry to stalin/
they were a key force in holding back economic growth
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soviet production figures still far below?
rest of western europe
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state control under 5yp would enable governemnt to do what?
control economy and ensure adequate production and distribution of materials
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w/ gov direction what could be maximised?
soviet economic resources
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because since revolution in '17 what had been severely limited?
trade wiht other countries
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in a political dimenson, political control would remove which two groups?
nepmen and kulaks
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moving from NEP also gave stalin chance to do what?
consolidate new rule of party
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and it also meant he could now act on removing which group?
right opposition
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which included which three people?
bukharin / tomsky / rykov
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what did they argue forcing peasants into collectives would od?
decrease food production
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by 28 why did stlain argue NEP sould go
as a result of peasant compromise industrialisation would be held bakc
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launching 5yp saw effective removal of right in which year?
early '29
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as well as extension of state through what?
party-controlled planning agencies
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by 28 it was clear what declaration of lenin's in '17 had been naive?
that workers were now in charge of own factories and workplaces
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did both war communism and the nep achieve their aims?
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but at expense of what?
popular support or ideological loyalty
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therefore by '28 what had been decided as the best way of bringing about rapid industrialisation while consolidation power of party?
command economy implementation
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by '26 what had been restored?


much of pre-war economy

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what was key o further growht?


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in order to support?


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and gain foreign exchange for?


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