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what did bs hope war communism would help communist ideology be converted to ?
meaningful policy
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what led to governemnt replacement with NEP?
reality of situation and eterioration in bolshevik political position
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what bad impact did war communism have?
bad economy + unpopular bolsheviks
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but positive?
bolsheviks got all neccessary to win war
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- economic reasons
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by end of war heavy industry pordution was at what % of '13 level?
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and what had happened in some sectors?
production stopped altogether
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what kind fo production had also fallen?
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to what % of its '13 figure?
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and breakdown fo what resulted in widespread famine?
transport and distribution systems
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weakened by lack food many russians succumbed to what two diseases?
typhus and smallpox
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and over how many died from famine and disaese in '20s?
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in addition what had to happen to army soldiers?
resettle into civilian life
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clear War Communism wouldn;t be able to cope with whay?
post-war situation
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- unpopularity of war communism
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what system was hated by russian population?
system divvying out population
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bc size of rations was dependent on what?
social classification given
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which two groups recieved most?
red army members and industrial proletariat
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who recieved b little or none at all?
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what in factories caused worker resentment and violence in some cases?
use of managers and return to hierarchal systems
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what did many workers was being undermined by increasing dictates of state?
opportunity for self-regulation
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- tambov rising
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in countryside, resentment of war communism was greatest in relation to what?
forcible requisitioning of food and plans to rid mir
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what was the mir?
village commune
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which had become what since revolution?
genuinely peasant organisation
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peasant resentment against gov came to head in series of uprisings in which years?
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risings in which 3 important grain areas?
volga basin / north caucasus / western siberia
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where was the tambov uprising?
central russia
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where peasants reacted violently to what?
troops turning up to requisition grain
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revolt only put down after how many red army troops sent in?
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seriousness of these risings did what?
put pressure on gov to change policy
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- kronstadt mutiny
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revolt at naval base outside where
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why did this mutiny alarm bolsheviks?
group were previously bolsheviks supporters
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so couldn't be easily dismissed as?
'counter revolutionaries
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what was the mutiny over?
increase power of party and officials at expense of workers
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what was its slogan?
'soviets without bolsheviks'
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what was lenin's quote about the kronstadt mutiny?
'lit up reality like a flash of lightning
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what was the NEP more of a move towards?
mixed economy
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where what could emerge in addition to that controlled directly by state?
private sector
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when introduce?
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in agriculture there was to be an end of?
grain requestitioning
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to be replaced by system of?
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allowing peasants to do what with surplus food?
sell @ market for profit
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also announced no forced programme of?
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without collective farms what would stay as means of peasant self-regulation farming?
the mir
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what were these measures clearly?
compromise with peasantry
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but knew economy wouldn't survive w/o?
increased food production
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in industry NEP did what with small-scale industry?
returned to private hands
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though state kept contorl of whihc three things/
heavy industry / transport / banks
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which allowed lenin to claim party still held what?
'commanding heights of economy'
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in state-owned factories what were used to try raise production?
piecework and bonuses
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hwo did some bolsheviks view these techniques?
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what was reintroduced for wages in '21?
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why was this viewed with suspicion by many communists?
re-emergence of capitalism
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what seemed a logical way of stopping growing black market?
legalisation private trading
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with growth small-scale business and private traders what type of people emerged from NEP?
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from communist standpoint what was nep?
retreat to capitalism
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how did lenin and his supporters see NEP?
short term remedy
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what did lenin say baout it?
'one step backwards, two steps forwards'
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what did NEP introduction coincide with arrest of?
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and who were outlawed?
all oher political parties
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so what was clear about this exonomic compromise?
didn't extend politically
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what type of economy did it result in?
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what issue arose now it was clear the NEP was short term?
when it sould be stopped
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what was one key factor in NEP retention?
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what rose rapidly in first three years NEP?
industrial output
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what was much of this due to repairing?
roads and bridges damaged in civil war
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and putting what back into production?
existing factories
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also helped by better harvests in whic two years?
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yet much of growth also due to nepmen why?
saw opportunities to set up small businesses and make some money
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what two things were popular in partiuclar?
restaurants and market stalls
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which were important part of doing what
returning life to cities
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however what were the two major corrupt parts of the NEP?
black market flourished + prostitution widespread
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and what did gangs of children start doing?
stealing then reselling goods
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one major problem was the imbalance of what?
agricultural and industrial goods
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what happened as food prices fell?
industrial goods prices rose
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what did low grain prices discourage peasants from doing?
growing food for market
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in a problem that trotsky called what?
the scissor crisis
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when did government step in to regulate prices?
december '23
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what did bs hope war communism would help communist ideology be converted to ?


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what led to governemnt replacement with NEP?


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what bad impact did war communism have?


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