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what did khrushchev's dismissal as gensec also mean?
abandonment of many of his hair brained schemes
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but apart from this were there any other agricultural changes?
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what did reformers in the politburo push for?
further attempts to stimulate activity and innovation and improve productivity
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unfortunately who resisted their efforts?
conservatives in gov
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who preferred to stick to what stalin established thing?
command economy
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in '65 what did new leadership abolish?
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and placed more power back to?
centre of planning apparatus
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what was given greater power of co-ordination?
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this system echoed that used by?
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and showed influence layed with who?
conservatives like brezhnev
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what year?
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what was alexei kosygin's position?
prime minister
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launched a series of reforms to unleash what within decision-making process?
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and improve?
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his reforms gave incentives to who?
enterprise managers
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to do what?
use resources more productively
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also attempted to make central planning take more notice of what?
cost and profit
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rather than stalinist approach of?
quantity as success
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what were officials attitudes to reform?
hostile and unenthusiastic
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what kind of reforms did central planners dislike?
those that made them more accountable for policies they had less control over
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who did brezhnev sympathise with?
conservatives in party
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therefore did what to reforms?
sabotaged them
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and reforms watered down to point they were?
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were there higher bonuses for output or 'innovation'?
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so managers preferred to do what?
stay safe and use old methods
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what did bonuses for profit encourage some enterprsers to do?
make fewer more expensive-items > mass produce cheaper much needed items
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when was kosygin sidelined by brezhnev
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and given role in?
foreign affairs
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further reforms tried under him showing what?
reformers still retained some influence
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in '73 what were mjor industrial complexes joined with?
scientific research institutions
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in attempt to make sure what?
latest technologu applied to production
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what did brezhnev call this?
'alliance of the working class with science'
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in what yearwas system of targets further centralised?
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new targets attempted to move away from using what?
output figures
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and focus more on?
cost and profit
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what were these reforms little more than?
tinkering with the system
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attempts to adopt new techology limited by wat?
rigid nature of command economy
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what did managers fear would happen while new machinery was being installed in factories
losing production
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so what usually happened to new equipment?
left to rust
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as factory continued to do what
achieve output with old machinery
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why was use of cost and profit indicators not always helpful?
bcthey were in a system where prices set by gov
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with little reference to?
supply and demand
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years of the plan plz?
'71 - '75
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what push of khrushchev's was continued by brezhnev?
consumer goods
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were goals fulfilled?
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but still what rose?
living standards
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by '80 what % families had tvs?
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and what % had washing machines?
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but what % families had a car?
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though investment in what was high?
public transport
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brezhnev convinced 'metal eaters' that resources must be given to where?
consumer industries and agriculture
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despite influence of?
military-industrial complex
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which remained so powerful it often did what?
took decisions w/o informing other politburo members
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what was the military-industrial complex?
term given to powerful bloc created by links between army and sectors of economy involved in military product manufacturing
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as in industry what happened to khrushchev's economic schemes?
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power was returned to who?
Ministry of Agriculture
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and there was deliberate move away from K's approach of?
trying find quick solutions
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however what did politburo realise and continue about K's policies?
that agriculture needed heavy investment
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what specifically recieved attention?
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brezhnev was also prepared to allow bigger role for production where?
peasants' private plots
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result of brezhnev's policy was steady rise in what?
overall production
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combined with overall decline in?
worker productivity
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were agricultural workforce skilled?
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what was machinery prone todoing?
breaking down
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what was the problem with roads?
often impassable
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and what happened to much food before reached market?
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one problem was failure of food production to meet what?
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result was not famine but what?
shortage foodstuffs available in state shops
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what made up the gap?
private production
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as peasants sold garden produce where?
private markets
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for more or less money
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in '78 what was price of private food in comparison to state shops?
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private plots made up what % cultivated area?
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but were producing what % produce?
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gov experimented ways in which to incerase productivity and what was introduced?
brigade system
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which allowed who to form brigades/
peasants on collectives
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that could decide what?
how profits were used and distributed
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signs that this was successful worried party officials why?
saw it mahy lead to return to family farming
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as result what happened to this experiment?
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was there lots or little change here?
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and system was dominated by which two things?
high levels investment and inefficiency
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key sign failure was continued import of what?
us wheat
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but apart from this were there any other agricultural changes?



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what did reformers in the politburo push for?


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unfortunately who resisted their efforts?


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who preferred to stick to what stalin established thing?


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