ussr ; control of the ppl ; secret police ; yagoda / yezhov / beria

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when did he become head of secret police?
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what did his keeness to prove loyalty to stalin and ambitious nature result in?
attempt to build up own empire
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yagoda's time as head of secret police saw rapid expansion of>
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under lenin what had labour camps been used as?
places for reforming class enemies
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in what year were labour camps expanded under gulag?
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and transformed into vast system of forced labour to do what?
support industrialisation
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yagoda used his influence with stalin to ensure what?
secret police could deal with opps w/o regular court interference
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emphasis changed from ideology to what?
economic considerations
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what were the camps to provide?
pool of labour for exploiting economic resources of soviet union
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in what kind of areas?
those where nobody would live of own free qill
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in the labuor camps those were deported to what did many die of?
extreme cold / starvation
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a fate often shared by who?
guards and dogs
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one of yagoda's achievements was completion of what project?
white sea canal
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how many miles?
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which used up to how many gulag labourers?
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digging how?
by hand > machines
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canal completed under budget in under how many years?
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at cost of at least how many lives?
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to cut costs canal was only dug to depth of how many ft?
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making it what?
useless for most shipping
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yagoda's influence increased as what rose?
number political opponents arrested
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when great purge began in which year?
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given task of arresting party members who were said to have links with what?
alleged trotskyite opposition
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recrimination eventually named who?
yagoda himslef
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in which year?
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what was he accused of?
incompetence in safeguarding kirov
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and for not doing what?
pursuing opposition with sufficient enthusiasm
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in which year was he removed from office and shot?
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his enthusiasm for what had brought him under stalin's attention?
personally torturing suspects (sounds like a great guy)
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how tall was he?
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what was his nickname?
'bloody dwarf'
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what was nkvd indulged in under his leadership?
most excessive phase of purges
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one of his skills was to frame purges in what term?
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by accusing those arrested of what?
political opposition to communism and the state
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what process did yezhov speed up?
that of arrest / trial / imprisonment
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how many people were there in a troika (court)?
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one of whom was what?
regional NKVD boss
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and what did they do?
deal with cases
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in september '37, karelian troika processed how many prisoners a day?
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what did he consider gulag to be?
underused (yes, he was insane)
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and number of inmates rose considerably as well as what?
deaths in camps
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yezhov issued orders that required camp to meet quotas of what?
executions of prisoners
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july '37
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what happened to nkvd officers that carried out executions?
awarded medals
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but then what happened to them a few months later?
executed themselves to meet quotas
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what happened to surveillance of general public under knvd?
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what kind of police officers were used?
plain clothed
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as well as system of what from general public?
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considerable usewas made of what to condemn ppl for anti-soviet activity?
soviet criminal code
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what happened to number of detectives recruited to NKVD?
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and extra staff employed to do what?
torture suspects
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under yezhov the group of ppl considered opponents was widened to include what?
anyone who didn't show sufficient commitment to revolutionary cause
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what was the clear message to soviet population?
stepping out of line was serious threat to freedom
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during leadership of him what happened within nkvd?
even that membership was purged
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yezhov once attended a politburo meeting in what state?
with bloodied cuffs from torturing enemies of the revolution
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by what year was stalin growing concerned?
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thought heavy terror was demoralising population @ time of war
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why did yezhov's health start to suffer?
frenetic work and alcoholism
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when was he dismissed?
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what did stalin accuse him of being responsible for?
purge excesses
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which of his qualities brought him under stalin's notice?
organisational skills / ******* gross sexual grossness / energy
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even though stalin was irritated by what?
his excessive flattery
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how did beria undermine yezhov?
briefing stalin withcriticisms of yezhov;s work to secyre his removal
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how was beria's appt viewed by general population?
some relief
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beira presented to them as unlce-figure that would do waht?
reform excessive nkvd
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what did beria feel indiscriminate arrests were?
waste of manpower + inefficient
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wha tdid he introduce more conventional methods of?
police procedure
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and public trials only held when?
solid evidence was available
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surveillence was continued but only led to arrests when what?
evidence found
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one of beria's achievements was to oversee murder of which high profile figure?
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where and when?
mexico '40
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focus on productivity also extended to what?
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what did beria want to make gulag?
profitablepart of soviet economy
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in '39 what was provided for inmates?
food rations
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not due to humanitarian concerns but why?
to get maximum work out of prisoners
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beria instrumental in using what of prisoners or special tasks?
technical skills
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as result how many scientists put to work on various projects
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that did what according to beria's boasts?
created many new pieces military hardware
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though claim dubious among scientists were tupolev and korolev who played essential part in what?
development of soviet space programme
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what was cancelled so prisoners' expertise could continue to be used?
early release from camps
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measures resulted in growth gualg economy from how many roubles in '37?
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to how many in '40?
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by early '50s gulag was major contributor to what?
soviet economy
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over wha tfraction of country's gold was produced through gulag?
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in '41 they were given some supervision over who?
red army
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with responsibility for which two things?
monitoring disloyalty + dealing w/ desertions
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nkvd given control over deportations of who?
national minorities whose loyalty to state was considered suspect
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which three groups did this contain?
crimean tartars / volga germans / chechens
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who conducted this particularly harsh forcible removal?
three-person troikas
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by '43 what did red army start doin?
overrun areas previously captured by germans
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in these areas what did beria set up to root out traitors / deserters / cowards
special departments
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what happened to anyone suspected of co-operating with germans?
shot or deported
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what department dealt with syspected spies?
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an acronym based on the phrase?
'death to spies'
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which was involved in which big massacre?
katyn massacre
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where they murdered more than how many polish officers?
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in what year?
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even soviet troops that had done what were considered suspect?
those that escaped german capture
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which order treated all soviet troops that escaped german capture suspect?
order 270
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where were returnin pows automatically held?
detention camps
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run by/
secret police
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how were some used to clear minefields?
walking through areas where mines had been laid
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what did beria see the politburo rivalry a chance to do?
start more purges to gain stalin's favour
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what was the target of this purge?
leningrad party
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in '49 over how many members were purged?
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what happened to them?
imprisoned or exiled
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what may stalin's next set of purges as well have been?
warning to beria
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when was the mingrelian affair
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which involved purge of the party where?
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purge seemed to be targeted at ppl from what ethnicity?
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who else belonged to this group?
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in '53 evidence stalin was planning another purge by the name of what before he died?
the 'doctors plot'
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also notable in that most of the accused were?
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which means may have been prelude to jew purge but most likely?
first step toward elimination of beria and other leadership
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what three things did beria control at the time of stalin's death?
secret police / spies / gulag and industry links
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his enormous power was reason politburo members removed him when?
june '53
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lead taken by K who beria had underestimated and called what
'moon-faced idiot'
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with his removal, politburo moved quickly to limit wht about the secret police?
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brough firmly under whose control?
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and answered to whihch new organisation?
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what did khrushchev dismantle?
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and forced labour never again did what?
played part in soviet economy
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what happened to lubyanka building?
ceased to be a prison
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who was the last person to be held there 'nd why?
gary powers bc the u-2 spy plane
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in what year?
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what was a common saying of gulag inmates about stlain?
if only he knew about their situation he'd get them out of it
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who created the gulag system?
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but growth was a consequence of?
stlain's actions since '28
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- evidence stalin's responsibility
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what did he personally sign?
many death warrants
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and often added comments on what?
lists of those arrested
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asking henchmen or himself doing what?
add more names or choosing himself
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what did stalin give nkvd just like 5yp?
quotas to meet
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if targets not met what were local nkvd officers expcted to do?
add own name to list
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what did rapid process collectivisation require?
kulaks and opposition to be swept away
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unrealists 5yp quotas put enormous pressure on officials to do what?
explain why not met
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often essential for managers own survival to label ppl what?
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historians have suggested expansion of the gulag in the '30s was a response to which economic demand?
slave labour to ensure 5yps met
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forced labour key part of stalin's desire to do what?
build prestige projects
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perhaps no koinkydink that some of ussr top geologists arrested on eve of?
camp set up to exploit oil reserves in komi republic
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who set the paramaters for purges?
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death of kirov was used to do which two things?
start great purge / dismiss yezhov
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death of stalin resulted in which two thing?
dismantling of gulag and reduced terror
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many aspects of terrir reflected what about stlain?
paranoid personality
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when was kirov's assassinatin?
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when was the doctors plot?
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which seemed to stem from which of stalin's views?
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coupled with suspicions of what?
kremlin doctors trying to kill him
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- evidence for yagoda / yezhov / beria just doing his bidding
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yagoda yehov and beria all became secret police leaders as result of what?
willingness to carry out stalin's bidding
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all men had what kind of tendencies?
sadistic *to the tune of timothee chalamet's statistics*
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and little moral conscience about what?
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owed their position to stalin and he also did what?
dismissed the first two
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none of the three had much impact on what?
targets of terror
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decided by stalin and seemed to stem from what?
his personality and policies
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yet all three took opportunity to add what to lists?
names of those who stood in their way
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yezhov advanced his career by undermining who?
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and beria also undermined who?
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where did nkvd leaders have influence?
implementation of terror + gulag operation
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under yagoda gulag expanded great;y but struggled to cope with what?
vast increase of inmated
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resulting from?
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under yezhov process of terror speeded up partly in response to what?
sheer scaleof task
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excessive use of terror was partly driven by what of yezhov?
his sadistic frenetic personality
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beria oversaw change in gulag to greater emphasis on?
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stlain enjoyed making out others to be his what?
'bad men'
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he once introduced beria to president roosevelt as what?
'our himmler'
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referencing who?
hitler's head of the **
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what did historian applebaum have to say about wehre power really lay?
'stalin selected the victims - and his subordinates leapt at the opportunity to obey him'
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