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2. What elements make up Hydrocarbons?

  • Hydrogen and Helium
  • Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen and Carbon
  • Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide

3. Which three gases trap heat in the Earth's Atmosphere?

  • Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapour
  • Methane, Butane and Propane
  • Oxygen, Helium and Carbon Dioxide

4. What is the chemical test for Carbon dioxide?

  • A lit splint goes 'pop'
  • A glowing splint re-lights
  • Limewater goes from clear to cloudy
  • Litmus paper goes from red to blue

5. How is acid rain formed?

  • Sulfur Dioxide reacts with Water in the atmosphere to form Sulfuric Acide
  • Chlorine reacts with Hydrogen in the atmosphere to form Hydrochloric Acid
  • Carbon monoxide reacts with Ozone to form an acidic precipitate
  • Sulfur reacts with Carbon dioxide to form a precipitate


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