USA- 1919 to 1941

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How did the role of American women change in the 1920s?
Number of working women increased by 25%/ in 1920 all women could vote/flappers smoked and were sexually liberated/ divorce was easier
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What were the drawbacks women faced?
politics- female political candidates were 'unelectable'/ poor wages/ minial jobs
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Who were the KKK?
an organisation that believed in the superiority of whites/ showed hatred for Jews,blacks, foreigners/carried out executions/ dressed in white robes with pointed hoods to conceal identity
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What were the Jim Crow laws?
Laws passed by southern states which encouraged segregation and made sure white Americans stayed dominant
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What changes did African Americans experience?
Howard University/ popularity of Jazz/ 'black capitalist' movement/ NAACP and UNIA/ ghettos
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What were the reasons for Prohibition?
National mood/ practical- boost supplies of grains/ religion/ morals
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What were the reasons it failed?
Limited prohibition officers/ the size of america's boundaries/ low salary= bribery/ american's didnt support it/ gangsters (al capone)/ organised crime
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What did the Izzy and Mo raids find?
21 mins for alcohol in Chicago/ 11 mins in Pittsburg/ 35 secs in New Orleans
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How did prohibition lead to crime?
public demand/ battle for control of speakeasies/ gangland murders (St Valentine's Day massacre)/ income-tax evasion
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What were the benefits of repealing prohibition?
Create more jobs/ raise tax revenue/ free up resources tied up in enforcing prohibition
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How was prohibition a success?
alcohol consumption fell by 30%/ less arrests for drunkenness/ observed in rural areas/ decrease in cases of alcoholism
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What was the red scare?
increased fear of Bolshevism or communism that intensified racist attitudes towards immigrants
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Who was Mitchell Palmer?
He oversaw the "Palmer raids" during the red scare. he predicted a red revolution in 1920 which never happened
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What caused Americans to anticipate a red revolution?
400,000 American workers went on strike in 1919/ race riots in 25 towns/ 1917 russian revolution
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Why were Sacco and Vanzetti executed?
They were self-proclaimed anarchists arrested on suspicion of murder and armed robbery/ racist slurs of their origins/ the judge feared the Reds/ no real evidence
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Why were the '20s called the Roaring 20s?
because of the emphasis on having fun and spending money
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What was the Monkey Trial?
A new law was passed in 6 states banning the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution/ John scopes taught the thoery to oppose fundamentalists/ he was arrested
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How were the Native Americans treated?
declined from 1.5mil to 250,000/ most war veterans lived in poverty with lower life expectancy,worse health, jobs & education/ discrimination- kids sent to boarding schools/ 1924- granted US citizenship and allowed to vote
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Why was the US prosperous in the 1920s?
isolationism- limited foreign competition/ technology- automobile/ mass production/ hire purcase/ industry/ state of mind
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What were the 4 republican policies?
Laissez-faire- no interference/ Import tariffs/ low taxation/ trusts
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Who did not benefit from the prosperity in the 1920s?
Industries such as coal because of machinery, oil and electricity/ agricuture- europe imported less food from USA/ competition/ overproduction from fertilisers and machinery/ the poor- 42% below poverty line
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What were the causes of the Wall Street Crash?
overproduction-> drop in consumer goods bought-> price cuts-> wages cut->less consumer buying-> workers sacked-> no export market(tariffs)-> more workers sacked-> shrewd inspectors started to sell
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What were the consequences of the Crash?
Millions of shares decreased in value-> banks collapse + savings lost-> money withdrawn-> lack of capital from banks-> mass unemployment-> homelessness-> poverty->malnutrition->social life affected
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Why did Hoover lose the 1932 election?
He introduced tariffs to protect US industries but decreased international trade/ social security was not the government's responsibilty/ relief should be provided by charities or local government/ public speaking/ bonus army marchers
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What were the drawbacks women faced?


politics- female political candidates were 'unelectable'/ poor wages/ minial jobs

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Who were the KKK?


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What were the Jim Crow laws?


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