USA 1910-1929

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1. what is segregation

  • keeping a group separated from the rest of the society
  • the belief that all living species were created by God simultaneosly
  • an illegal drinking shop
  • fear that immigrants from eastern Europe were spreading communist
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2. what is an anarchist

  • a person who fears WASP
  • a person who wants to remove all forms of goverment
  • a person who believes in the idea of Karl Marx to create a classless society with all land and business owned collectively
  • a mixture of races and nationalities

3. Jim crow laws

  • a law which prevents drinking
  • laws which bought about segeration and discriminated against black Americans living in the southern states of america
  • an area of southern america where Christian belief is strong
  • keeping a group separated from the rest of the society

4. what does WASP stands for

  • west indies, africans, protestant
  • white, anglo-saxon, protestant
  • white, African american, Singaporean, protestant

5. what is the open door policy

  • a open free dor
  • free admissions of immigrants
  • people opening the door


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