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2. At the peak of the Berlin Blockade, a plane took off how often?

  • Once an hour
  • Every 90 seconds
  • Every minute
  • Once a week

3. Why did Truman vetoe MacArthur's idea?

  • He was worried it could start WW3 and only wanted to contain communism, not confront it.
  • He didn't like MacArthur
  • Truman wanted to follow a more aggressive policy
  • Didn't want to repeat WW2 and wanted to confront communism more harshly later

4. How much was invested in Marshall Aid?

  • $13bn
  • $13
  • £13bn
  • $50million

5. What other action of the USA suggested their policy was aggressive?

  • Churchil's speech
  • Berlin Blockade - shouldn't have airlifted in supplies
  • Marshall Aid - suggested they were trying to spread capitalist influence
  • Carter doctrine


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