US Politcal Parties

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Which Democrat is endorsed by the NRA?
Joe Manchin the 3rd.
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What does RINO stand for?
Republican in Name Only
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Whcihc Companies wer bailed out as part of the 2009 ecconomic recovery plan
Auto industry - GM ($13.4 billion) Chrysler ($4 billion)
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Who introduced the Mexico City plan?
Raegan and then bush again in 2001. repealed by clinton and Obama.
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What did the fair scentencing act (2010) do?
It stopped the divide between prison scentecing between Crack Cocaine and powder cocaine (Powder - typically White Ameircan drug. Crack - typically Black American Drug)
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What did the 2015 Reoublican budget suggest?
$5.5 trillion spending cuts - ain to balance budget by 2024. 2. Military spending increased by $483 billion.
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What percentage of republican congressmen where endorsed and funded by the NRA?
81% in 2012.
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how many Blue Dogs were there in 2008 and 2015
54 down to 15.
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When Have Pelosi and Obama not agreed.
2014 House republican bill. TTP.
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How many democrats voted against Obama Gun restriction legislation introduced after the Sandy Hook shootings?
4. Even Joe Manchin 3rd voted with Obama.
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Before the 2012 election how many Rebublicans signed the norquist taxpayers pledge?
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Banning aboriton after 22 weeks was supported by all republicans but
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Who did the freedom Caucus push out?
Speaker John Boehner
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Which women who refused to sign gay marriage certificates was supported by Republican presidential nominees?
Kim Davis - Supported by Mike Hucabee (stood by her side) and Cruz. Not supported by Bushor rubio (silently) or Trump (publically)
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Where is straight ticket voting used?
Michigan and west viriginia (this undermines 3rd parties)
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What are the Ballot Access rules in Louisiana?
need $500 or 5,000 signitures
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What are the Ballot Access rules in California?
have to have signitures of 10% of the votes cast in the previous gubernatorial elections (about 1 million votes)
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Example of tea party infaltration
Ken Buck - secured primary then lost to the democrat.
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Full funding is only avaliable to candidates who got
25% of the vote in the previous election
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What % of protestant Christians vote Republican
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Tpically How many Black American vote Democrat? How Many voted Democrat in 2008 for Obama?
93% on avarage. 95% for Obama.
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On Average what percentage of LGBT, Latinos and Unmarried women vote Democrat
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Who came up with the idea of party decline?
Broader in 1971
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who's an example of a compassionate conservative?
Bush Junior
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Contract with America
Nationalised republican mid terms. - 1994. Written by Newt Gingritch
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100 hour plan
Nationalise Democrat mid terms - 2006 . Nancy Pelosi
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Republican Mainstream partnership member
McCain (republican centralist)
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Party base
effectively core voters
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Anti Immigration faction of the republican party
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Party realignment
When the balance of political partys changes dramatically, normally when a party dies out or when a policy changes it dramatically.
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Party renewal
The power of the party has come back, representatives no longer act as individuals but as a national body.
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Rockeffela republican
Liberal republican like the vice presdient Rockefella
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Umbrealla Parties
Have a wide ideological base.
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Yellow dogs
Democrat core voters "They would vote for a yellow dog over a republican"
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How many votes did Green party candidates Ralph Nader get in florida in 2000
100,000 votes. if these had gone to Al Gore then he would have by president over Bush.
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What does RINO stand for?


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Whcihc Companies wer bailed out as part of the 2009 ecconomic recovery plan


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Who introduced the Mexico City plan?


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What did the fair scentencing act (2010) do?


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