Urbanisation: Dharavi, Mumbai (Case Study)

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Was originally a...
Fishing Village
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Which turned into a...
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Being a port, this encouraged what?
Economic growth
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Dharavi is the most...
densely populated city in the World
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Estimated population in 2020
25 Million
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80% of the population live on how much per day?
Under $2 a day
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The rapid urbanisation was caused by what
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Describe the living conditions
Homes are cramped, poorly built, lack of toilet and sewage facilities
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Healthcare reaches what % of the urban population
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Infant Mortality Rate (High or Low?)
40 per 1000 births
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Millions of people use the road network each day, causing
mass congestion and air pollution
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Chembur area, 25% of deaths between 2007-8 were caused by what?
Respiratory problems caused by waste
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All of these have been what?
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In 1995 what program was introduced by NGO's?
Slum Sanitation Program - built 330 new toilet blocks
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Whats an NGO?
Non-Government Organisation
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What is being upgraded and will finish in 2021?
Metro System - 140km of new rail lines being developed
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5 year Proposal?
Any settled over 5 years would get free housing
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How much will this proposal cost?
$2.1 billion
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Which turned into a...



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Being a port, this encouraged what?


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Dharavi is the most...


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Estimated population in 2020


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