What is sustainability
Something that can be carried on into the future without harming the society, economy or the environment
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What is an urban environment
A built up area
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What is a rural environment
A countryside area
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What is urbanisation
It is the change when a rural area becomes an urban area
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What is the industrial revolution
The time when many new machines were invented and many factories were built.
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What is a slum
An over-crowded urban area with poor housing.
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What are slums like
They are unhygienic, over-crowded environments which are dangerous to live in. They form in mega cities.
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Name the 3 main catagorys that have to be helped to be sustainable
economy, environment, sociaty
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What happened to Manchester during the industrial revolution?
The population declined due to other citys selling the same things but for a cheaper price so people moved away from the city.
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What is a settlement
A place where people live.
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Describe the patten of the population during the industrial revoloution.
At the start is was inclining at a steady rate until around 1926. Then, it declined until around the year 2000. Now the population is inclining again.
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Why is Masdar City so sustainable
It is a costal city in Abu Dhabi and has an aim to be the most sustainable city in the world. They are cutting down on oil and energy and have built the city to be suitable to the climate.
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What is a market town
It is a place where there would be no farming activities. It starts with a market, then a village grows around it.
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What is happening with the population in rural and urban environments
The population is inclining in urban areas and declining in rural areas.
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What is a push factor
A push factor is something that is pushing you away from a rural area. For example: the lack of transport and facilities in a rural area.
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What is a pull factor
A pull factor is something the is pulling you towards the city. For example: better healthcare and education.
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