urban environments

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what is a megacity
a city's population that exceeds 10 million
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what is urbanisation
the process of becoming more urban through migration or nature
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what isan urban area
a city or town
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what is push and pull factors
push --> factors pushing away from countryside i.e. less developed pull--> factors pulling towards the city i.e. good jobs
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what is counter-urbanisation
rate of urbanization being slowed and balanced by people moving to the countryside
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what are three ad/disad to counter urbanisation
ad: less congestion, support of rural economy, increase value of rural land dis: congestion on connection transport, pressure on rural services, 'dormitaries' so lack of community
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what are the six problems of urbanisation
overpopulation, crime, transport, health, pollution, resources
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what are typical features of a CDB
high-rise, transport hub, leasure facilities, few people living, expensive land rights
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name as many facts about kibera as you can
governments owns it all (no right to live there). 1 in 5 children dont live passed 5, 10 by 10 rooms, houses made of mud, cash in hand work i.e. prostituition, no health care, high use of drugs
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from inside to outside, what is the order of the distribution in cities
CDB, light manufacturing, poor quality housing, medium quality housing, high quality housing
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Name 2 charities aiming to help the people of Kibera
'Kibera school for girls' (can only help 100 girls) and 'Love kibera micro-credit loan programme' (provides money to start businesses)
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what is an area of regeneration
london docklands area (isle of dogs new business center)
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name as many facts about the london docklands
25 years to complete, 10 billion pounds spent overall, created 25,000 new homes, 17 conservation areas built, owner occupied homes from 5% to 40%, new schools (specialised schools i.e. Butlers wharf chef school), 5 health centers, jubilee line,
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what is a brownfield site
land that had been used and awaits a new use
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what is a greenfield site
a plot of land that has not yet been developed
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what is an ethnic group
a group of people that share the same nationality, race etc
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what is an inner city
a built up area close to the CDB
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what is socail deprivation
degree to which an area/individual is deprived of services
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why do ethnic groups stick together
more political power, inside marriages, avoid discrimination
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what is urbanisation


the process of becoming more urban through migration or nature

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what isan urban area


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what is push and pull factors


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what is counter-urbanisation


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